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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sidebar Link Update

White News Now, added.
American Third Position, added.
American Nationalist Union, added.
ANU News, added.
East Coast White Unity, added.
Keystone United, added.
American Dissident Voices Internet Radio, added.
SUPERHUMAN, added., added.
Dixie Republic, added.
Midwest Free Press, added.
Metapedia, added.
Diversity is Chaos, added.
Fjordman, moved from Nuggets.
Vanishing American, inactive.
Why LA Sucks, inactive.
Rusty Mason, offline.
Bedlam Nation, offline.
White Warrior Women, offline.

Front National » Le site officiel du Front National, added.
Paul Weston, added.
Shield Wall, added.
The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends, link updated.
Hibernia Girl, offline.

Australia (new)
M4 Monologue, added.
Jessica's Conservative Australia, added.
The Australian Protectionist Party, added.

My South Africa Sucks!, added.
South Africa Sucks, offline.
SouthAfricaTheTruth, offline.

Mediaite, added.

Joe Sobran, added.
Alternative Right, added.

Jewish Influence
Antisemitica, added.
Jew or Not Jew, added.

MigrationWatchUK, added.

Documenting the Global Jihad — jihadica, added.
All Things Counter Terrorism, added.

Washington's Blog, added.
Frédéric Bastiat, added.
HousingPANIC, inactive.

Nuggets of Something
Global Guerrillas, added.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.T. But I just had to get it off my chest. I am disgusted with Jews and their brainwashing. Yesterday I watched "Damages" season three for the 1st. time.Its a Jewish written series of course.
The story is based on the Madoff scam. But guess what "Madoff"is given the Irish -Catholic surname of Tobin and there is a reference to money being given to a priest.
In another film that I watched for the first time a couple of days ago; "Pelham 123" not only is the hero black, Denzel Washington but the villain, played by John Travolta, is Catholic and wears an earing in form of a cross.
The Jews are such experts at subliminal brain washing.Christians are portrayed as dumb or violent or a mixture of both. How can we fight back?

3/24/2010 04:07:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Propaganda doesn't work when you're conscious of it. In fact, when you realize you're being subliminally manipulated the desired effect is reversed. The best way to fight back is to point out specific examples, as you do here, to your friends and family. Once they see what you're talking about they'll start spotting it themselves and tell others.

3/24/2010 07:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... has been updated. Plan is to continue adding a story or two a day from now on.

3/24/2010 09:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jews are such experts at subliminal brain washing.Christians are portrayed as dumb or violent or a mixture of both. How can we fight back?

Im thinking of a blog to list anti-white propaganda, it needs to be done sytematically.

Most of us reading Tan are already aware of this stuff, but it tends to reported on an random, ad hoc basis.

We need movies listed alphabetically. Lists of episodes of Law & Order (or whatever). TV & radio ads, posters. Printed material published by government, charities etc are a rich seam too.

What I want is that when you point out some blatant anti-white/Christian bias in an episode of Family Guy (or whatever) to a hypothetical liberal they can't wriggle out by claiming "it's just one episode, you're reading too much into it." You can point them to 23 other annotated instances in the same show on different occaisions. They have to be swamped with evidence, so there is no escape, no bolthole.

In all fairness we should include those rare cases where black rapists really do turn out to be the bad guy, where the jewish con-man really was guilty. No cherry picking.

As Tan says, propaganda like this stops working once you are aware of it. In fact it becomes counter-productive!

Once you wake up.

Water off a ducks back as we say here in the UK.

3/24/2010 08:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea, anon # 3. A blog like that would have tremendous potential.

3/24/2010 09:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In fact, I'd be interested in helping out.

3/24/2010 09:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would the blog also include examples of pro-gay, pro-Muslim, pro-black,pro-Hispanic propaganda because then we would have to include every t.v. programmme that is shown?
I remember the last season of "24 Hours" when the Muslims were portrayed as being " unfairly accused" and as having "hearts of gold". The villain was naturally a powerful white man. And "24 hours" is supposed to be a right- wing show!
I cannot believe that I used to watch and enjoy "Law and Order" oblivious of its anti-white,anti-Christian agenda. Now, I can't stomach it.
I remember there was a time when white Serbians were their favourite villains.
I used to enjoy detective and legal fiction . However, most is written or published by Jews and the liberal bias is so apparent that I cannot read it any more.
I can only read books written before the 2nd.WW when the words "Bolshevik" and "Jew" went naturally together.
It's ironic isn't it? The number of white Christian men that lost their lives in a the second world war to save the Jews whose descendants have gone on to produce a culture that despises all they stood for and actively undermines all they fought for.
I cannot believe that only 2 years ago I was so pro-Jew and pro-Israel . Now, thanks in no small means to you Tanstafl, my contempt for Jews knows no bounds.

3/25/2010 07:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would the blog also include examples of pro-gay, pro-Muslim, pro-black,pro-Hispanic propaganda because then we would have to include every t.v. programmme that is shown?


Well I think we have to bit more choosey, a bit more selective.

As long as a given plot, storyline, scenario, individual or scene can be shown to be agenda driven and the bias clearly explained, the criticism justified rationally, then in it goes!

3/25/2010 10:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two jews,three gays and a black man walk into a bar.

Its not a joke, just describing every damn programme on tv.

There a ton of this ( jew tv and movie )stuff at Akiras blog, "What do you believe" here:

3/25/2010 02:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Tan.


Pat Hannagan

3/26/2010 08:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tan, I suggest that you remove the blog, My South Africa Sucks, from your Africa links and move it to the Jewish Influence links. It certainly doesn't belong with White links, no matter how much pretence that they are "connected" to South Africa's White problems.

My experiences at the site convince me that it is a Jewish Shill site. This is only one comment which convinces me on that opinion:

"6. Every other dumb twat seems to think he is doing his bit by writing in and blaming the Jews for all of South Africa’s ills. You have no idea how tiresome this is.


Today I feel that running and contributing to this blog is like masturbation but without the payoff. If you, the reader are looking for a place to vent, you’d probably do better kicking the dog and beating the wife when you get home. (No, I don’t really mean that).

Tomorrow I may feel differently.


Gonville is a defeatist propagandizer at best and we know what he is at the worst. White traitors deny the Jewish role in selling thier countries and the White race.


3/26/2010 10:35:00 AM  
Anonymous fellist said...

Two or three years ago put out an appeal for funds and informed us that Joe was ill, so because I thought the site was a great resource I downloaded it to my hard-drive fearing it might imminently vanish. Fingers crossed it will remain up far into the future, but as a precaution I've uploaded the files to megaupload with an archive of Sam Francis columns at:

Help yaselves...

3/27/2010 07:13:00 AM  
Anonymous fellist said...

Don't know if I ever posted the link here, but I also collected the Amren archives into one file. Get 'em here:

3/27/2010 07:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a site that covers anti-white TV commercials:

3/31/2010 11:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now thats what I'm talkin' about!

I intend to make my effort a bit more subtle though, a more innocent media studies resource.

For those who have woken up or undergoing the process blogs like that are a useful resource, a call to arms as well. But we dont need to reach the converted/converting, we need to wake up those who are asleep.

The problem is a Mk1 standard sorta, kinda liberal white (I was that person!) would look at the above blog and run a mile, metaphorically stick their fingers in their ears.

"Yikes those scary racists!"

There have to be more neutral resources, dont need to lie or bend the facts just lay out the media message, point out the anti-white themes.

Thats the beuty of our position. We dont have to lie or misrepresent. We can just say:

"Look at these ads, look at these posters, watch these TV shows, watch these music videos, see what they did there, what was the message do you think?"

Its trying to remain, calm, neutral and subtle thats probably the hard part, getting source material is easy, just walk out the door, switch on the TV!

4/01/2010 02:53:00 AM  
Anonymous fellist said...

I've somtimes amused myself by thinking how easy it would be to set up an anti-racism charity, taking a Tim Wise-style message into eager to be abused schools and businesses but arguing for objective measures of racism - leaving the audience to find out for itself just who's on the receiving end of most racism today.

4/03/2010 02:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

arguing for objective measures of racism

Trying to get anyone to nail down objective measures, however vague, of anything related to the multicultural experiment is instructive in itself.

4/04/2010 03:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recommend you add another Australian blog, ozconservative:

He explains the logic of liberalism as a governing philosophy, and what it takes to argue effectively against it even when it is presented in its best and most attractive forms, and why it vital not to make early concessions to it. (If you concede that life is about "freedom" (on liberal terms) you will find yourself on a railroad to accepting policies that must lead to hollowed out lives, weak families, sterility and national destruction.)

Here is one of his many worthwhile posts: "Why does the left treat us differently?":

You might wonder, when you read "When it comes to white Australian society, Professor Manne seems to forget such fine principles. He sticks the boot in as hard as he can." if Professor Manne might be Jewish. (Of course he is.) Ozconservative never wonders about things like that.

But it is vital to have someone explain accessibly how these liberal arguments work as arguments, regardless of who puts them forward, and how they can be beaten and why they must be.

- Daybreaker

4/24/2010 04:37:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

I've crossed paths with Mark Richardson.

A Censorious Debate.

He's linked under Nuggets of Something. Now that there is an Australia section it makes sense to move his link there.


4/24/2010 07:27:00 AM  

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