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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shaming the Shameless

Thoughts On America’s Jewish Ruling Class And Noblesse Oblige is a broad but somewhat superficial overview of jewish influence by Steve Sailer. Such criticism is rare, so I'm glad he wrote it and that VDARE published it. However, he underplays and overlooks some aspects of jewish influence, and his critique is weakened by the needling style and obsequious tone he always adopts when speaking truth to jewish power. (He's notably less generous and circumspect when accusing and blaming White power.)

Sailer's line of argument is hopelessly flawed:
The theory behind the dusty old concept of noblesse oblige is that a powerful class that thinks of itself as being in the game for the very long run will tend to behave in a more responsible fashion than one that doesn’t.
How do jews feel about this? We get a hint in How to Think About: Jewish Bankers | The Atlantic Wire, where media jew Michael Kinsley discusses finance jews. The attitude, which should be familiar to anyone who has ever opined on jewish influence, can be summed up as, "Yeah, jews are powerful. So what? Oh, and by the way, you're a nasty jew-hater."

Sailer presumes the jewish ruling class can be made to care about and behave like Whites. He compounds this error by presuming that they don't think of themselves as being in the game for the long run. He's wrong on both counts. Jews have for millenia existed in diaspora as a successful and influential minority. They have infiltrated, outwitted, and outlasted every nation in the Levant and Europe. They know who they are. They know their history. When they feel safe they boast of their success at our expense. When they need sympathy they instead recite a long litany of woe at our hands. They know non-jews tend to underestimate them. They have survived because they make a point of not tying their future to anyone else's.

The reason jewish rule is so ruinous for Whites is because they are alien to us. They will never care for us or behave like us because they are not us. They know this, but for the most part Whites don't. My previous post links comments in which political pundit jew Lawrence Auster admits as much, even while defending jewish interests:
James N. writes:

. . .

Do you really think that American Jews perceive themselves, and self-identify, as "insiders"? My experience is quite the contrary. In fact, I've always observed (and found it curious) that American Jews, from their positions of wealth and achievement, practically cultivate and nourish a sense of outsiderness, which is often wielded as a grievance.

My medical school class had 226 freshmen. Of these, at least 190 were Jewish. At that, an orthodox Jewish professor complained more than once that the admissions committee discriminated against Jews, proving that America truly had it in for the Jews.

I think that a lot of the recent, and public, obsessive anti-Bush and anti-Palin sentiments made by prominent Jews arise from this same sense that ordinary, middle-American virtues and values are alien to them, SO alien, in fact, that sounding off in public, in a borderline-hysterical way, is a way of proving group solidarity AND outsiderness at the same time.

. . .

LA replies:

I agree with your observations about Jewish attitudes. But in my comment I did not mean that Jews perceive themselves as insiders. I meant (1) that the white gentile majority perceives the Jews as insiders, and (2) that in key respects the Jews are, in reality, insiders. And therefore that a First Law-type analysis doesn't fit them.
Sailer at least acknowledges that anyone who challenges jewish power is punished. Auster pretends all our society's problems are due to "the majority" simply abdicating.

The reality is that America's jewish ruling class is shameless. They are not embarrassed about lying to, defrauding, and ultimately genociding us. To the extent they or their apologists even respond to objections and resistance it is only to misdirect blame onto powerless "anti-semites". It will stop only when enough people realize the consequences of jewish misrule and misbehavior and act against it.

For a more thorough review of jewish influence in media, see William Pierce's Who Rules America?. For more about what Sailer glibly alludes to as the "Sons of Ellis Island", see Kevin MacDonald's Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review. More on what Sailer has called the "Diversity Recession" and the jewish role he assiduously underplays can be found in Minority Disproportions and the Fraud They Produce. Damning evidence of the anti-White/pro-jew nature of the regime is discussed in DHS Hypocrites Direct Fear and Hatred Toward Whites. The graph above is from Yggdrasil's examination of Diversity in income and education.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo. Succint, to the point, and 'naming names' of those who seek to obfuscate all 'Truth to [Jewish] Power statements.

In a former age, we KNEW who the enemy was:“But if the Jews were to say, that the word, “In Isaac shall thy seed be called,” means this, that those born of Isaac should be reckoned to him for a seed,
then the Edomites, too, and all those people, ought to be denominated his sons, since their forefather Esau was a son of his. But now so far are they from being called sons, that they are the greatest possible aliens...”- St. John Chrysostom, Commentary on Romans, Homily XVI

The only modern equivalent to Chrysostom in the Church today, is Bishop Williamson, it would appear. Sadly, he's a roman.....

- Fr. John

3/11/2010 04:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

Steve Sailer won't ever spell out the whole problem with Jews in the West because he’s half Jewish. As I said elsewhere, Steve can see that Jews have been a problem for America, but his Jewish half leads him to, nevertheless, ultimately defend Jews. Can’t really be surprised by this or even blame him for it since he is part Jewish:

“For an extreme example of how pro-Semitism can come about within an individual merely through genes alone, consider me [Steve Sailer]. Although I’m Catholic, I became very pro-Semitic at the age of 13 when my powers of logic kicked in (and my hair turned curly). I quickly noticed that a high percentage of the thinkers I either agreed with (e.g., Milton Friedman) or whom I considered it a worthy challenge to argue against were Jewish. Since I was adopted, a few years later I concluded that it was likely that I was half-Jewish biologically, (which indeed appears to be the case based on evidence my wife dug up when I was 30). It’s important to understand the chain of causation: having a very Jewish-style brain (e.g., enjoying logical argument), I sought out the best logical arguers to read, very many of whom were Jewish. (You may object that my political views today don’t sound much like those of the majority of American Jews, but I was enormously influenced by Jewish neoconservatives in the 1970s and 1980s. Having gone to some lengths to expose myself to Jewish thinkers (not because they were Jewish per se, but because those who most stimulated my kind of mind more than writers from other ethnic groups), I absorbed from them a lot of typically Jewish political stances: e.g., pro-Israel and pro-immigration.

“Now, my pro-Semitism came about even though I was being raised in my (adoptive) family, which has no Jewish relatives, and, in fact, has a slight anti-Semitic mindset. (I realize my case is only a single data point, so I recommend somebody conduct a formal adoption study of Jews and part-Jews adopted by gentile families.)”

3/11/2010 03:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eileen (are you the Eileen of Mangan's blog?), if that is Steve Sailer, which surprises me, then he's confusing coincidence with fate.

I may be a quarter Jewish, which makes my old man half Jew, yet I have never had any epiphany of Jewish brilliance.

Sounds to me more like Sailer had adopted child syndrome and was looking for his blood father and was latching on to the first things that he related to and incorrectly associated that with Judaism.

Which, btw, brings the point that to be "Jewish" can be racial or religious. Jewishness is not necessarily racial.

In any case if Sailer was half Jewish what was his other half? And why didn't those genes attract him as well?

He says "having a very Jewish-style brain (e.g., enjoying logical argument),", and I enjoy the same. But I have never associated that with Jewishness but my Irish/Scots side. And many people would associate that characteristic with many other races. So what he attributes to Jewishness I give to the Irish and Scots, but I may just as well be as wrong as Sailer is.

This is mere conjecture on Sailer's part and his feeling's of abandonment have determined his outcomes more, it seems to me, than any genetic influence.

Genes do not produce conclusions.

Genes benefit and deter ability. They don't force, they have no will.

This reminds me of the free-will vs destiny religious argument.

Anyway, that's a remarkable insight into Sailer.

3/12/2010 04:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Templar said...

Sadly, he's a roman...

Don't be petty.

3/12/2010 08:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

m4monologue said: "Eileen (are you the Eileen of Mangan's blog?)...."

Yes, it's me! :-) (Are you Pat with whom I had the long discussion about "Irish-ness"?)

m4monologue said: "
Jewishness is not necessarily racial."

Jewishness is not racial, but it's definitely genetic and not just another religion. And there's no escaping biology! ;-)

m4monologue said: "He says "having a very Jewish-style brain (e.g., enjoying logical argument),", and I enjoy the same. But I have never associated that with Jewishness but my Irish/Scots side."

I have to agree with you there. Jewish brilliance is in language, not logic. And, as you might guess I'd say, I don't think logic is very indigenous Irish either. I would associate logic with the Scots, though (but not those crazy but wonderful "Celts" out on the Hebridies!).

m4monologue said: "In any case if Sailer was half Jewish what was his other half? And why didn't those genes attract him as well?"

Dunno what the other half was. I remember him mentioning once something about having Dutch roots. ??

I do think, those, that those other genes have expressed themselves in Steve. He is more logical than the average Jew. Much, much more. I'd say that side of his personality is his non-Jewish genes expressing themselves.

m4monologue said: "Genes do not produce conclusions.

"Genes benefit and deter ability. They don't force, they have no will."

No, of course. Intelligence and personality are not 100% predictable by genes, but the heritability of most of these things in contemporary society is much more than 50%. Genes have a powerful influence on us. We'd be foolish not to acknowledge that.

3/12/2010 08:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

OT: Did you see that the immigration charges against the Agriprocessors Gang have been dropped? :-/

3/12/2010 08:58:00 AM  
Blogger Chechar said...

“Genes do not produce conclusions.”

Genes are no destiny. But attachment (cf. John Bolwby) with genetic disposition explains a lot.

Last August I published a chapter in GoV about mental disorders based indirectly on Bowlby. You can even see a photo of my grand-grandmom in that article!

Cheers :)

3/12/2010 10:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eileen, sorry I didn't respond earlier. Yes it is the same me.

We have a lot in common and it's not just our genes, as do all us Whites.

Happy St Patrick's day to you, Tan and all at this essential blog.


Pat Hannagan

3/16/2010 03:15:00 PM  

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