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Saturday, January 27, 2007


This tanstaaflevs guy understands:
They can't face the truth. They blow smoke pointing to past things somebody else did to somebody else. Their first concern is for "their people" but they call anyone who disagrees with them "racist"! No respect for what US citizens want. Repeated claims that by some miracle absorbing a million impoverished migrants a year "helps" the economy. No answer for the disease, crime, gang, and race violence these "undocumented workers" and their seldom-mentioned dependents bring.
Over time the US found a particularly successful balance of its systems of government, education, banking, production, and commerce to create tremendous industry and innovation, and thus tremendous wealth. Other nations can choose to emulate this example or find other paths to make their people happy. Most, including Mexico, have far less tolerant immigration policies and are more severe in enforcing them.

US society is successful because there is respect for the law and respect for the freedom and property of others. The unashamed impulse to pursue and defend the interests of yourself and your posterity is very much a part of what it means to be an American. It is woven into the US Constitution. If you don't like the constitution then you are at odds with the loyal citizens whose principles it describes. Without respect for these race-blind principles there is no point arguing - you are either an invader or subversive. In either case you deserve only to be shown the door.

Likewise Jihad supporters. The Jihad is based on socio-politico-religious ideology, not race. It is not a clash of civilizations. Those who wage Jihad to impose Sharia on us all threaten the very existence of the civilization. The Islamofascists will gladly play democracy, until they win. Then it's all Sharia, all the time. Suicidal immigration policy and one-way multiculturalism is tearing England apart as Europe morphs into Eurabia.

For a racist view consult the self-discriminating hispanic/latino/mestizo advocacy organizations who brazenly seek favor for "their people" while trying to silence the free expression of any political opinion hostile to their own. If a guero said anything like this they'd be arrested for hate crimes. I say deport illegal aliens and reduce legal immigration no matter what their races or nationalities are. If the immigrants were 100% Eskimo my position would be unchanged.

The moral of the injustices done to yesterday's natives is that we should ignore the rights of today's natives? Besides, can you imagine the shitholes we'd be living in if we all still lived like "indigenous peoples"? If the luddites pining for such ideals ever win the lottery they'll understand "who pays the piper calls the tune". Meanwhile they brazenly reach in everyone else's pockets.

"They only come for the jobs" is an admission that they do not care for the US and do not wish to assimilate.

Let's hear some more about how they're going to save social security. And even if the poorest workers, contributing the least and receiving the most, could somehow "save" SS, who says it is OK to exploit them? The advocates of the poor, downtrodden, little guy? The truth is they're exploiting those of us who pay the bulk of the taxes, buy the insurance, make the investments. They slow down our kids' classes. They clog our roads and hospitals. In return we get cheap vegetables. It's not fair and I resent it.

Lax border enforcement means massive social, economic, racial, environmental, and epidemological costs and consequences, borne mainly by current US citizens. The immigration flood causes lots of problems. But even though the immigrants bring violence, crime, disease, and racial friction they aren't mistreated, they aren't forced to run and hide in fear. They move amongst us like they belong here and are rarely molested even by the police who have every right to seek them out and deport them. That's why they call the job "law enforcement".

The closest thing to suffering we hear is the hyperventilating they experience when they imagine the gringos might suddenly wise up. In the real world they literally have to make themselves unignorable - by way of say identity theft, crime sprees, or walking right into ICE's hands. Then they get deported. Maybe.

The US has a long history of welcoming legal immigrants in numbers and with generousity well in excess of most other countries. Too generous, I think. And while that may make me stingy or selfish, let some saint who doesn't suffer these conceits throw the first stone. Let him give away his things and decide his future, not mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tan wrote:
"look at the ridiculous things Geraldo says ("Minutemen with guns on the border!")"

Are you not aware that "Geraldo Rivera" is jewish? His mother is Jewish: "Friedman," which means by jewish law he IS jewish.

Geraldo Rivera's father, Cruz Rivera, was the son of a Puerto Rican sugar plantation worker. After immigrating to New York, Cruz married a Jewish woman named Lilly Friedman,

Let's not us him as an unbiased media source, eh? Maybe "next year in Jerusalem" for him.

12/04/2007 09:32:00 PM  

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