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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Botched Jokes Keep Coming

Senator Kerry urges dialogue with Iran, Syria

Following the fine tradition of Fonda, Dodd, Sheehan, and Belafonte... Kerry criticizes US policy from Egypt while fellow Democrat Bill Nelson meets with Assad in Damascus.

Why is it that the admirers of these people make such a fuss about Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam in the 80s? Because Saddam eventually turned into an enemy? Isn't that it? And don't the same people make a similar point about the CIA and bin Laden? Never mind that Saddam and bin Laden served US interests at the time. Reagan should have considered the blowback. He should have known these snakes would turn against the US.

Well then why are moonbat heroes always so eager to meet and indulge every tinpot enemy of the US? After their hostility is well known. The moonbats don't even have to predict the future. They just have to read the news. Beyond hypocrisy.

The ISG report is so worthless its not worth criticizing. How embarrassing. No surprise that Kerry supports its most ridiculous proposal. After its worthlessness is well known. Iran and Syria are fueling the chaos in Iraq. Beyond stupidity.

UPDATE: Classic. Eight days after 9/11 they blame the CIA for bin Laden. Today they cheer for Chavez.

Reagan sang the praises of the native Afghanis. The Arabs, including bin Laden, played a late and very small role in expelling the Russians. More traveled to Afghanistan for jihad after the Russians left and US support stopped. Sorry to burst Norm Dixon's bubble but Reagan didn't praise or support the Arab jihadis, and he had retired and gone senile before the Pakistani-based Taliban even existed.


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