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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jewish Politics in Post-White America

"Stick Together"

‘Mensch’ Dan Adler targets minorities with stereotype-laden ad, by Rachel Rose Hartman:
What's the best way to reach out to Asian voters? Tell them you're Jewish so you can relate. Right?

That's the route Democratic candidate Dan Adler took in his most recent ad for California's 36th District special election. In a heavily staged discussion among constituents at a set suggestive of a Korean-owned dry cleaner, the former Disney executive tells a woman behind the counter--who speaks with a heavy Asian accent--that he can relate to her concerns because "my wife is Korean."

"You're Jewish," she replies.

"My family is Jewish."

"We minorities should stick together," she replies. Adler laughs as a young Asian couple looks on--the man's shirt opens to reveal his Chinese script tattoos.

"Dan Adler. Send a mensch to Congress!" a multi-racial crowd shouts at the end, noting the Yiddish word for a person of high character. "What's a mensch?" the woman from the dry cleaner asks the camera.
Adler's faux pas here, according to Hartman, is the use of stereotypes in his explicitly pro-minority, implicitly anti-White campaign commercial. Something tells me this will not upset either Adler's jew or Asian funders and voters, and if any Whites complain they can look forward to being branded and brushed off as "racists".

Adler's message assumes it is right and good that:

1) "minorities" see themselves as natural allies against non-"minorities", ie. Whites.

2) jews identify as "minority", not White.

Your deracinated White friends will not appreciate the use of this video as a teachable moment, but rub their noses in it anyway.

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Anonymous Mary said...

This guy was just arrested for sodomizing a 32 year old maid in his hotel!

(bit off topic but I thought of your blog as soon as i read it)

5/14/2011 09:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire his honesty! It's not often that Jews will admit they're not White. They usually try to have it both ways...

I'm sure his message will reach White voters much more effectively than the minorities...

5/14/2011 10:04:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

"I'm sure his message will reach White voters much more effectively than the minorities..."

If they hear it and don't look the other way. The ad is targeted at the 14% of voters who are Asian (likely less as only some fraction are eligible to vote). Adler's apparently banking on the presumably greater number White voters not hearing the ad, or not daring to make a fuss of it if they do.

5/15/2011 12:45:00 AM  
Anonymous yih said...

VA posted about this as well.
If you think that ad stinks try this one or this one.
Grab a shovel, it just keeps piling up.
What a class act, huh?

5/15/2011 04:52:00 AM  
Anonymous yih said...

the Yiddish word for a person of high character. "What's a mensch?" the woman from the dry cleaner asks the camera.
Well lady that also says "I have issues!" (she sure does), after seeing other ads from that um, something the answer to your question is "it sure ain't him"

5/15/2011 05:26:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Congressional candidate Dan Adler calls for “minorities” to stick together | JAMES EDWARDS:

"The video I linked to was posted by the Adler campaign itself, and the top two rated comments on YouTube are:

1) Time for whites to take off? the blinders. We whites should stick together!

2) This district is 13.8% white. So exactly who is the minority?

5/15/2011 08:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Sheila said...

Yet this disgusting POS will wrap himself in the flag (which one, the Israeli or the American, isn't clear) and scream "anti-semitism" if anyone calls him on this. He's undoubtedly congratulating himself for having brass balls for having the "courage" to say what almost all Jews think.

5/15/2011 12:01:00 PM  
Anonymous bigdukesix said...

It's not honesty. He would have been saying he was white when White people were the majority.

Precisely. It's opportunism, not honesty. They play it both ways, depending on the situation.

5/15/2011 03:56:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

California's 36th congressional district.

Harman’s departure: what does it mean for Jews? | Raphael Sonenshein | Jewish Journal:

"Harman’s departure may mean one less Jewish player in the game, but the impact of that loss on Jewish influence will likely be negligible. While the landscape for Jewish politics in the next two years includes fewer safe districts for Jewish elected officials, the community can be assured of holding sway on numerous fronts as its high level of civic involvement continues to stand out in the city and region."

More on Harman's sway.

Here's a campaign ad from one of Harman's challengers in 2010 - Israel Matzav: You will die laughing at Young Mattie Fein. It's a real gas if you consider jewish candidates fighting over who is more concerned about Israel's best interests funny.

5/15/2011 07:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is bound to backfire on him. The really galling part is the Korean who can't speak English but is concerned about Medicare. I'll bet. "I bring my 80 year old mother to America to live off taxpayer! Why you no pay for the rest of my elderly relative!"

5/15/2011 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Adler sticking together with that other "minority": "Your Vote Is Your Voice/Tu Voto Es Tu Voz"

5/16/2011 08:13:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

New York Magazine, It's Cool, Congressional Candidate Dan Adler’s Wife Is Korean:

"If Democrat Dan Adler — who is running in a special congressional election for Jane Harman's former seat in California — didn't have a Korean wife, this might one of the most racist campaign ads we've ever seen. As it is, it still makes us pretty uncomfortable."

TPMDC - Dem Candidate Targets Asian Vote With Bizarre Ad: 'We Minorities Should Stick Together':

"The jury's out on just how seriously Democratic candidate Dan Adler should be taken in the crowded primary to replace departed Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) in California's 36th district, but the career entertainment executive is drawing plenty of attention for his bizarre -- and possibly offensive -- ad campaign."

Buzzfeed - We Minorities Should Stick Together:

"I don't know if I should be offended or laugh because it's so bad."

Bizarre joke or offensive to "minorities"? The judeo-lib jury is still out.

5/16/2011 08:38:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Beck hilariously mocks Dan Adler’s new campaign ad! | The Right Scoop

Beck agrees with the judeo-libs. It's hilarious until he suddenly sobers up and says, "it's the most racist thing I've ever heard".

It doesn't occur to him that he can't control Asians and jews. They're sticking together against people like him. He can't convince them to abandon a strategy which benefits them. He mistakes them for Whites, thinking he can nudge them into the "proper" behavior by mocking and guilt-tripping them about "racism".

What a fool.

5/16/2011 11:41:00 PM  

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