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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doublethink as a Group Strategy

To beat anti-Semitism, ‘we must pull together’, New Jersey Jewish News, 13 Dec 2010:
NJJN: Are there ways the Jewish community can address the problem that it has not been doing?

[Director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Eastern Pennsylvania-Delaware region, Barry] Morrison: The Jewish community has been pretty good about addressing it, to its credit. It needs to do more of the same. It needs to have a sense about what the community is, what its interests are, and how to preserve and protect them. It is not as simple at it once might have been. Jews’ identity has been changing with the generation that was raised on the birth of Israel and the Holocaust. Young people today don’t identify in the same way older folks do, and we’ve seen many Jews in the forefront of the other side regarding Israel.

Secondly, having the ability to pool our resources is another way of fighting the problem. We are a small community, and we have many different points of view. Sometimes there are competing organizations. It is important to pull together. Thirdly, it is important to maintain our identity as citizens in the larger world in which we live and work for the betterment of the broader community. We can’t be isolated, we can’t be insular, we can’t think about it as ‘what’s good for the Jews?’ That is not what needs to guide us.
Translation: The jewish community needs to have a sense about who they are, what their interests are, how to preserve and protect them, pooling its resources to fight problems. But it would look better to use the broader community to advance and protect jewish interests than to so self-consciously keep blurting out "what's good for the jews?"

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Anonymous Captainchaos said...

I should think that Morrison is engaging more in doubletalk than he is in doublethink. What Morrison said is I have little doubt a fairly accurate statement of his actual views, although of course sanitized for public consumption. Jews believe they are a favored people - by G-d or Nature - and that their cosmic mission is to influence humanity in such a way that both morally improves humanity and increases their own power. It is the confidence of a slave-master that believes his enslavement of those he deems inherently inferior to himself are made their better selves by being enslaved by him. To make of the savage jungle a civilized garden.

Where I suspect a true element of doublethink may enter the picture is the implicit belief that for the White race to be bred out via mongrelization will result in a more civilized world (at least as Jews conceive it). Jews must believe the world would be a better place without Whites for to concede the contrary would be to abrogate their self-conception as a uniquely indispensable people; to concede that perhaps Whites are the ones that are indispensible to a civilized world and not themselves. To put it crudely, it would 'fuck with their mojo'. Yet they desperately cling to Whites, howling like banshees at the slightest hint of being excluded from White society. Why would one wish to be in proximity to something one finds unworthy of continued existence? On the face of it, it certainly doesn't make much sense - hence the reasonable ascription of doublethink. It is the central and inspirational delusion which fuels their group strategy.

4/13/2011 09:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Daybreaker said...

But it would look better to use the broader community to advance and protect jewish interests than to so self-consciously keep blurting out "what's good for the jews?"

In my opinion, that's not what this is about. What looks to you like a call for better camouflage is actually a call to attack more.

A blatant "what's good for the Jews?" line works best for internal consumption. It makes sense in terms of a relatively conservative and highly exclusive strategy. The model would be Melbourne Jewry, which is all about a wealthy, old-established Jewish community entrenching and enriching itself as much as possible, and prioritizing Jews marrying Jews and raising Jewish kids untainted by non-Jewish friends, customs and values. That means less contact with non-Jews, and if that means less aggressive influence on society, so be it.

The alternative is the "tikkun olam" line, which is about rectifying the world, from a Jewish point of view. That means getting involved in causes and having an influence, even at the cost of more involvement with non-Jews and risks such as a less Jewish lifestyle, entanglement with a Left that is not reliably pro-Israel, and potentially a higher rate of intermarriage. The causes that are pursued in this strategy are the "universal" ones that Jews believe are in the Jewish interest: multiculturalism, mass non-White immigration into White lands, feminism and so on. This is the Sydney Jewish style, which is creating a multi-cultural, multi-racial, aggressively anti-White chaos.

The Cronulla race / religion fight was in Sydney, not in Melbourne.

When you hear an important Jew say to other Jews:

We can’t be isolated, we can’t be insular, we can’t think about it as ‘what’s good for the Jews?’

... that's not "we need to disguise our motives better and reduce our risks".

It's "go after that non-Jewish White target population. Get 'em! However aggressive and political you naturally are, it's not enough. Pour it on! Don't be deterred by any costs."

This is a strategy of the Jewish community defeating antisemitism pre-emptively, by aggression, to eliminate the likely base for it.

4/14/2011 12:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Wandrin said...

The phrase that jumped out at me was "we mustn't get isolated" but who knows.

I think sociopaths are known for having a talent for doublethink.

"this must all be just more misdirection from "Daybreaker" alias the kike."

You don't want to pay any attention to people talking about Jewish misdirection. All that talk is mostly Jewish misdirection.

The thing is a lot of Jewish or Leftist trolls do go on sites like this to stir things up for entertainment so... just one of those things.

(One of my personas hangs out at leftist forums and they talk about it occasionally.)

"Wandrin, you seem to have a calmer temperament and a greater willingness to think things through."

I'm actually one of the worst for being suspicious but the people i get suspicious of generally register void comp like that test in Bladerunner - not easy to explain.

"Do you blog, or where do you comment most?"

It varies but most of the time i mostly comment at a bunch of apolitical forums doing very stealthed Mantra type stuff. I come onto WN sites in phases mostly to test out new ideas.

4/14/2011 04:24:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Morrison clearly lays out this group strategy, even numbering the elements for us:

1. know who you are and where your interests lie

2. pull together to pursue those interests

3. disguise your particularist activism as universalist "betterment of the broader community"

In your terms Daybreaker this is Melbourne + Sydney, subcommunities who apparently put their emphasis on 1 and 3. For the broader community of jews however the holistic approach is as old as they are, not some recent innovation.

4/14/2011 07:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Pat Hannagan said...

Sydney Jews are starting to piss even the old WASPs off.

Here is a Jew's take on it, one which I agree with. In esssence, if you want to hive yourselves off, if you want a Jewish enclave, then take it to Israel. That's what the place is for, it's for Jews.

What the second referenced Jew is wrong about though is that Australia is and always has been a Christian nation. If there is to be any religion it is Christian religion only.

Daybreaker: I wasn't aware of any difference between Sydney and Melbourne Jews. Perhaps you could flesh that out a bit more? I am genuinely interested.

The Cronulla so called riot/s seem to me more that Sydney Whites are far more aware of what is happening than Melbourne Whites. Culturally Sydney Whites are far more "in your face" type people than Melbournians who consider themselves "cultured", "arts" people aloof to such mundane things as race replacement and ethnic violence. No slur on you Daybreaker but that is how I read the different reactions to racial invasion.

btw, my offer to post at my blog still stands Daybreaker. I reckon you should get your views out there in a more prominent manner. That offer is for all White Nationalists for that matter.

4/14/2011 05:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Pat Hannagan said...

The Sydney Jews are annoying even old time WASPs. Video here. That suburb, St Ives is a bastion of wealth and priveledge so it's quite funny to see the condescending residents start to get huffy over a simple thing like an eruv. The White people that live in that suburb are the sort who call us other Whites racist and rednecks for not wanting our children to be bashed or raped by Muslim migrants.

And here's a Jews take on it. One I agree with, that Jews who want an enclave should go to Israel which is, as he openly declares, a Jewish ethnostate. Something that a White like Andrew Bolt of Melbourne won't admit.

Is it because he's from Melbourne or simply that he's one of Murdoch's pro-Jew/anti-White minions?

Re. the Cronulla riot/s (much exaggerated on the part of Whites, much under reported on the part of Muslims), I see the differing responses to MultiCulti between Syd and Melb more to do with the cultural reasons that Sydney people are "in your face" type people, and Melbournians consider themselves "artistic" and "cultured". Melbournites try to pretend that being offended by immigrant invasion is something for rednecks, like the WASPs of St Ives.

Sydney is private enterprise and Melbourne public service and labor unions. But that's an interesting take on Melb Jews as opposed to Sydney Jews Daybreaker. Can you flesh it out a bit more as I am genuinely interested?

On that note, my offer still stands for you to post at M4. I think your intelligent views deserve a more prominent and consistent platform. That offer stands for all WNs for that matter.

4/14/2011 06:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Pat Hannagan said...

You nailed it Tan. But Jewish victimology can be used for our goals as an extension of the David Duke principle of extending WN to all nationalism. Clothe it in a pleasant face all can relate to.

Google Avigdor Eskin on the genocide of Whites in South Africa to see what I mean.

As Duke says, we must use the terminology of those we want to win across to our side. Victimology works. And it can work for us.

4/14/2011 10:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Wandrin said...

"Victimology works. And it can work for us."

Yes. Although just to add in my personal hobby-horse again, in my experience what works best is first making a breach using enemy breaches of universal morality (i.e double standards) and then when you see their defenses are down you go in with the arguments based on justice and sympathy.

4/15/2011 05:18:00 AM  
Anonymous For Whom the Bell Tolls said...

I think the victim route is what will ultimately set the whites off like a powder keg. When they begin to see themselves as the victims they are, they will finally have the moral authority to act. After all, nothing gets a white to jump off a cliff like a bleeding heart argument. It's coming. Sure as shinola, it's coming.

4/17/2011 11:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Captainchaos said...

"For those unwilling to develop a sympathetic appreciation for Jewish strategies and an ear for the way things are discussed, this must all be just more misdirection from 'Daybreaker' alias the kike."

You are of significant Jewish ancestry, Daybreaker. You have confessed the powerful psychic appeal Jewish sensibilities have for you by dint of your blood. These sensibilities can never be other than to cast the goyim in a morally debased light which merits Jewish ascendancy to power projected onto the backdrop of a millenarian tableau. The goyim as slaves and Jews as their masters forevermore. This is the significance of the traditional Holocaust narrative for you. "Look, see what happens when the goyim attempt to remove every last bit of Jewish influence, root and branch? World historical carnage. Keep us around, you really do need us." Perhaps you don't see it, which would be unfortunate as that would tend to confirm you are not as clever as you clearly think you are. I do understand you, and better than you do yourself, I suspect. Which is why I cannot in good conscience extend overmuch sympathy for you as what you have allegedly offered in the vein of conciliatory dialogue is really just another Jewish gambit at manipulation of the unique moral constitution of the White Man. The best you can expect from White men who know your game all too well is equal parts pity and contempt (I know, you did not ask to be born of a lineage literally evolved for parasitism and manipulation of your host - yet it is no less noisome for it). You are not worthy of something as robust as our hatred.

P.S. For those wondering how to land a blow right on the glass jaw of the kikes, see above.

4/21/2011 12:41:00 AM  

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