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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Kelso on Robertson's The Ethnostate

I have lately been enjoying Jamie Kelso's podcast at Voice of Reason, in particular his readings from and commentary on Wilmot Robertson's book The Ethnostate.

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Anonymous Hail said...

Robertson actually coined the term "ethnostate" with this work, a term now in the vocabulary of all English-speaking racialists and those who come into contact with them.

Reading the book, one appreciates the sharp intellect that wrote it. It's clear why his "Instauration" newsletter was so popular.

But praise is cheap: To offer a valid criticism of the work, it does reflect a certain political-exhaustion. Robertson was born in 1915, and the work was published in the early 1990s. Thus, he was nearing 80 at publishing. [From what I've heard, Instauration petered-out in 2000. Apparently, all subscribers received a note in the mail from Robertson saying "Tired, Out of money" in lieu of a new issue. He was not heard from again, and died some years later.]

If one is conscious of his age at time of writing, one notices that many of the policy positions reflect a certain lethargy and complacency, a "fall-back", almost daydreaming. Not to say he'd softened his racial views, he had not. But the bite of his original classic "Dispossessed Majority", written 20+ years earlier, had waned. So it goes, with us humans. No one is as sharp at 80 as they are at 30.

In his defense (and in defense of octogenarians generally), some or much of that "lethargy" may have simply been a manifestation of the fatalism common to all racialists in these times.

2/06/2011 07:17:00 PM  
Blogger Nick Dean said...

Yeah, I have DM, but never got around to Ethnostate, thanks for the reminder.

I haven't listened much to the Kelso show but greatly appreciated his programs with Mrs Edgar Steele getting that info out.


Hail, for the record, 'ethnostate' had been used earlier.

See for example, 'Popular legitimacy in African multi-ethnic states' (The Journal of Modern African Studies, 22, 2, 1984).

2/08/2011 05:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abstractions like party, America, and economy are important, but not biology - except as a vessel for the intergenerational race-based guilt-tripping of Whites and Whites alone.

Thats great stuff there Tan.

Replace 'America' there with any white country and you have the position of so many 'conservatives' anywhere in a nutshell.

2/15/2011 02:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Pat Hannagan said...

Sorry for lowering the tone with this comment Tan but man that video made my blood boil. I'd really like to punch that little bearded fucken shit with the red shirts head in.

And what about the clown claiming Irish heritage? Yeah, bring the Nigerians to Ireland, great idea as they all back slap each other and congratulate themselves on how morally superior they are to the "racist" Kelso. So long as the Nigerians are good workers and valuable then so what?

I haven't posted for a while, mostly ever since a run in on an Ozzie blog where I presented them with anti-White discrimination from our national cricket board. Faced with the evidence they simply ignored it and when pressed were indifferent or came up with the usual denunciations of "racist!" because I brought the matter of me and mine's preservation as being worthwhile fighting for. Just like all those shameful white people ganging up on Kelso.

I happened across a William Pierce video the other night where he harangued middle class Whites for letting this happen (I know you hate that theme, as do I but...) and he said that they "deserve" what's coming to them. That he urges on what's coming to them so that they know and feel, up close and personal what the poor Whites, the blue collar Whites, or those Whites at the vanguard of racial mass migration have experienced and have been abused by Whites for fighting against.

I must say I feel the same as Pierce. These people won't do a thing to assist and save all their sympathies for our enemies. They are happy to curse us into our allotted fate. They won't do a thing for us until they feel the threat, that we know is coming, immediately at their workplace, in their neighbourhoods at their kid's schools, directly at their front doorstep.

I'm glad that there are blogs like yours Tans so that I know that there are Whites with integrity, pride and an instinctual self preservation that I can feel a community with. Otherwise it seems pretty futile talking to a bunch of stuck up morally unctuous flakes like those in that Kelso video. People that I really don't give a fuck what happens to them. People who I regard as my enemies because they invite danger into my country and gladly and smugly set about ruining the national future for my children.

But, I suppose you've gotta keep the faith hey, and hopefully provide a refuge for like minded Whites or Whites feeling the doubt in all that has been told them and sanctified to them since schooling. So good on you for keeping up the fight.

Good on Kelso too, the man has guts and patience. You never know, one of those White kids might think about what was being said later that night, in the next few months even a year or two down the track and it might hit them that, "Geez, that old bloke was right. What am I doing voting for policies that are directly targeted at eradicating...ME!"

I just know that in that situation I would've lost it completely and smashed that little red shirted turd into oblivion or died in the attempt.

2/15/2011 04:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Pat Hannagan said...

Here's the video. Pierce is pretty harsh, even welcoming the destruction in the end but, he has a point, and it's well made.

"People who will not fight eventually will be eaten by people who will fight.

A community whose members are so self centred that they will work only for their own personal benefit and not for the common good, eventually will be destroyed by its enemies.

And our enemies have been at work day and night."

I know exactly how frustrated Pierce must feel. You can see it daily, read it daily, it's right there in that Kelso clip, not just acquiescence to our destruction but defending our usurpation, actually cheering it on!

All so that the well off can live a few more years indulging their pathetic appetites in smug, self satisfied, snide superiority.

2/15/2011 04:54:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

I appreciate your thoughts Pat. Whenever I'm tempted to bash my own kind I need only recall how blind I used to be, and why. We are immersed today in a pervasive anti-White environment in which we are at every turn encouraged to believe that White supremacism is both eternal and evil. Thus it is no wonder that everybody, including Whites, prefer to find fault with Whites.

Recognizing this I find it far easier and more satisfying to call attention to the power and hostility of the Other, especially the jewish Other who have the insidious tendency of lecturing and moralizing to "us" under the pretense of being "us", while they consciously but cryptically identify as the Other.

Once they came forward, for instance, I would have directly addressed the two belligerent jewish-looking anti-White Paultards. When there are no wolves-in-sheeps-clothing derailing the conversation it is far easier to talk sense.

Also, as the commenters at Edwards' site noted, Kelso's White skeptics are preparing themselves for a comfy career in politics, very keen on what is or isn't judeo-correct, and very conscious of the camera capturing their discussion. I know from personal experience that with neocon types pointing out the White/jew fault line can neutralize if not awaken them.

2/15/2011 03:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

His deracinated "conservative" interlocutors are so high on their own individual supremacism that they regard the notion of worrying about White anything as beneath them. I agree with Edwards. On race they're worse than White "liberals".

Has it ever really been otherwise? The main problem with the left is that that's where the Jews and non-Whites are concentrated.

2/16/2011 05:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Pat Hannagan said...

Thanks for your reply Tan, there's a lot there for me to contemplate. Especially that I need only recall how blind I used to be, and why.

I have the same experience as of course many will. But, I don't think it is any use to passively suggest to Whites these days what is in their interests.

Most Whites don't give a damn about Whites even when exposed to the truth. They are no more our friends than the majority of Jews. There is no use in offering these Whites a glad hand, that time is gone.

I've changed my mind on the subject, as with Hitler in his bunker and that if these people won't fight for my kind then I owe them nothing. No amount of cajoling will make them see their plight let alone ours.

Of course this doesn't mean I urge you to change your tack. On the contrary I applaud your blog. I am just saying that for those of us of a like mind realise that there is only a small solid core ever to be relied upon.

The greater majority will only ever act when they are personally threatened. We can't rely on them.

2/17/2011 07:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Hail said...

fellist wrote:
Hail, for the record, 'ethnostate' had been used earlier. See for example, 'Popular legitimacy in African multi-ethnic states' (The Journal of Modern African Studies, 22, 2, 1984).

Well, I'm willing to give you 100-1 odds here and now that the etymological, "academic" lineage of the term, as it is used by millions of racialists today, comes from Robertson circa 1992 and not from "the Journal of Modern African Studies" in 1984! :D

I also wonder if these early users used the term in the same way as Robertson does.

This reminds also of the term "Meta-Ethnicity", which a number of racialist discussion forums, Skadi and others, have popularized in the past decade. It can be found in dense academic literature going back longer, but when it is used there I frankly don't understand what they're talking about (too jargony), or what they mean by "meta-Ethnicity".

2/20/2011 12:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Hail said...

Here's a representative still from Kelso vs. Konservatives

From left:
--Vacuous Valley Girl, "that [having children] is not my responsiBILITY!" (not pictured: Blonde female companion who was much more aggressive, and from whom we heard nothing but feminist boilerplate)
--Mr. "I'm Not White I'm Irish" whose greatest hits include "Harry Truman was a Klansman" and inane attacks on Jefferson as a "Democrat";
--Mr. Silent, a.k.a. the only Conservative present not to make an idiot of out itself (by merit of saying nothing).
--Jewish-looking "Volunteer PC Enforcer for Campaign for Liberty", greatest hits include constant annoying disruptions with "This man does not represent us!"
--Tall Nigeria Expert: The most sympathetic of them all. Seems to be least aggressively-PC, but very naive and politely aracial.

2/20/2011 02:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does a picture of Wilmot Robertson exist anywhere on the internet?

2/21/2011 08:04:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

I can't find any images of Robertson online, not even using his birth name, John Humphrey Ireland.

2/22/2011 09:41:00 PM  

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