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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Wishes 2006

A simple list. No "world peace" or "all the power/money in the world" fantasies. Only truly attainable desires. In no particular order.

Gingrich/Bolton sweep to victory in 2008. Whether or not it produces a Clinton/Obama sore loser hissyfit.

TWO solid fences on the southern border. Another to the north. Secure the ports and airlines too. And pronto. "How much will it cost?" No. The question is: How much will it save? So throw in a "virtual" fence. Or four. Si se puede.

A visit from God in which He transforms Richard Dawkins into a Flying Spaghetti Monster, scrubs the biosphere clean, tops off all the oil fields, and moves the large ones a tad closer to civilization. If He could also tune down political correctness, multiculturalism, moral relativism, envirowhacktivism, racial grievance mongering, and all the other crypto-totalitarian tendencies of man (not to mention the outright obvious ones) that would be just great.

And finally, my most fervent wish.

To never ever again hear: "Muslims want ...", "Muslims don't want ...", "Muslims are outraged by ...", "Muslims have attacked ..." It's getting tedious.

Humbug. I broke the rules. That last one is pure fantasy.


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