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Friday, June 09, 2006

Islamophobia Incompatible With Islam


Islam Incompatible with Europe, Say Dutch
Angus Reid
June 7, 2006
Do you think Islam is compatible with modern European life?

Yes 37%

No 63%
Hmmm. Can we get a breakdown by religion? I'm curious how Muslims voted.

So let's say we accept these results. Now what? "It's not practical to deport millions of people"? There is no god but Allah? What do we do?

Well why do we have to do anything? Is the burden not obviously on Islam to purge its intolerant precepts? Or would it be better for European women to go get veils, for men to get suicide belts, and homosexuals to curl up and die? Maybe if the Dutch withdraw the troops they don't have in Iraq and ignore the problem it will go away.


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