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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Actors Against America

Our heroic actors. Where would we be without their shameless defiance and nacissism?
Film actress Susan Sarandon has revealed how she felt isolated and frightened by death threats and verbal attacks after she criticised US policy in Iraq.
That's classic. Sarandon thinks she has problems. She should try criticizing the Religion of Pieces.

In spite of the lack of attempts on her life and zero persecution from the thoroughly corrupt and terribly inept Bush Police State Sarandon courageously continues to spout her negative message in public and have it echoed in the media:
"Stop supporting Bush and the war crimes," she said. "It's not working. No matter what you think their role is, it's not happening. So before you sacrifice anyone else you should pull out.
In Sarandon's world "war crimes" are committed whenever someone crosses her politically. And she's not the only one. Sarandon's husband Tim Robbins says:
"We have right now a media that is willfully ignoring the high crimes and misdemeanours of the president of the United States," the star of Hollywood hits including "Mystic River" and "The Player" told reporters.

"Clinton lied about a blowjob, and got impeached by the media and Congress," Robbins said.

"(Bush) got us into (the Iraq) war based on lies that he knew were lies. ... His war has recruited more Al-Qaeda members than Osama bin Laden could ever have dreamed for ... yet no one in the media is calling for impeachment," he said.
No one in the media is calling for impeachment? Robbins and his buds certainly are "in the media" ad nauseum. Hmmm, that couldn't be it. He must be calling on reporters and journalists "in the media" to tear off their masks and go Cronkite. Interesting but unlikely.
"Unfortunately, the book and the play is more relevant now than it ever has been," he said. "(It) talks about continuous warfare as a means to control the Western economy, and as a way to control rebel elements within society through the use of fear, constant fear."

"In my country we seem to be sanctioning renditioning of innocent people without trial ... put them in jail without telling anyone ... and torture them out of suspicion of what we think they might do," Robbins said.
The horror of continuous warfare is an archetype of the Left. For them a cabal always scheming to cause trouble and generate fear is not difficult to imagine. Why? Consider the constant flow of cynical and hypocritical bile from the left. Fear of the Police State. Fear that your benefits will be cut off and you'll be thrown in the street. The protests. Demonstrations for this, against that, whatever their infantile collective guilt complex tells them is the trendy bleeding heart cause to march for today. Always shrill and ready to preemtively shout down opponents. Nobody else's rights matter but theirs. No sense of the irony. They are pacifist activist hypocrites who don't recognize the Jihad as the true continuous warfare afflicting the world.

When jihadis attack those able to defend themselves, like the US military, what would the Gitmo gadflys like to happen? Most jihadis expect to die. They want to and many do. The lucky ones are captured, fed like sheiks, and get to pray and read the Koran all day. Give them a few black eyed virgins and they'd recognize Gitmo as their promised paradise. Should we let them go and wish them well while they plan the next 9/11? Or would it be considered torture to remove them from paradise? Gee that's a tough one. Tim Robbins can sympathize with the bastards. I don't.

Jodie Foster is another superstar bubbling over with love of country:
Besides slamming the general state of the nation, Miss Foster also graciously offered up her views on the country’s “miserable” response to Katrina and the way we have allegedly squandered the world’s goodwill since we went to war. Some commencement address. Perhaps for an encore, she can hand out pieces of rope to each of the students so they can form a noose and hang themselves from the rafters of the auditorium since we’re such a crummy, hopeless bully of a country.

And yet when someone who has a legitimate and powerful role on the world stage is invited to be a commencement speaker, but is a vital part of the Bush Administration, the list of protests by faculty and students is a mile long. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might just be the perfect commencement speaker, a black woman who rose from poverty to become an architect of foreign policy and a widely respected member of a presidential cabinet. No less than two hundred faculty members signed a letter of protest after Boston College invited Dr. Rice to deliver the commencement address there. Two hundred out of approximately one thousand faculty members at Boston College have signed this ugly petition.
The most miserable thing about Katrina is that some people continue to milk it. As if any response to a natural disaster of that scale could have been flawless enough to please them. What is most miserable for them is that the US economy did not collapse because of Katrina, or Rita, or the 12 other hurricanes, or Iraq, or the immigration protests, or the gas prices, ... Imagine how loud they'd whine if the economy had any serious problems. Well it doesn't, but they whine anyway.

Now comes the time when we synthesize.

The war and US policy in Iraq is just one facet of the long-standing clash between Western civilization and Islamofacist jihadism. Raging outward and rolling over neighboring civilizations since 622 AD the jihadis have recently upped the ante. They murder innocents around the world with conventional explosives every day. They seek and will eventually use more severe weapons. This situation is so far past obvious that even movie stars looking at the world from their private jets should see it clearly by now. Instead a preponderance of these elites choose to regurgitate the pacifist and defeatist lines: America is to blame, Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11, nothing has been or will be gained in Iraq, and we are doomed to lose especially if we try not to.

You can call my view apocalyptic, confrontational, reactionary, racist, xenophobic, arrogant, nationalistic, or whatever you please. Dismiss me. That won't change the fact that today's leftist pacifism is worse than false, it's suicidal. I know they imagine they can negotiate peace for our time. They will embrace their conquerors and be conquered. It is inevitable. Some will emulate the Vichy French. Unfortunately the fusion of leftism and Islam produces at best police states like Sadat and Mubarak's Egypt or Saddam's Iraq, and at worst Islam purges the leftism to produce an Iran or Taliban-like theocratic state.

I would like some other choices.


Blogger flippityflopitty said...

One cant "milk" Katrina. It's like saying Bush "milks" 9-11. Both are travesties, both are results of poor preparation and as much as I hate reference to 9-11 in every other speech, it is a requirement to maintain an understanding of the problem as much as the solution.

Katrina fits that mold. With the approaching hurricaine season, the levees are still not up to snuff and all the scientific investigation and planning in the world is useless amidst the political backwaters of bureaucracy.

No one in the media is calling for impeachment? Robbins' misplaced arrogance (aka stupidity) thinks the media directs the cows (and thus tries to play them). The ire (conveniently spewed at the "left-wing" media) is misdirected. Where is congressional oversight? What happened to the ethics committees? What happened to the intelligence committee? (Senate Intelligence Committee now replaces Army Intelligence as the classic oxymoron - House Ethics a close second). Where is the House Judiciary Committee?

I guess theyve been too busy drafting English as a First Language legislation (and of course the equally comical - we dont need to translate to speaka di ingles if we already translated amendment).

There are two things I can say about free speech - 1)you get what you pay for and 2)talk is cheap.

Not everyone that was opposed to the Iraq war and the methods by which we got there are bleeding-heart-liberal-pacifist-anti-war-activists. Some of us believe in accountability, even in the face of an enemy, even when the intentions were good or even when there is a happy ending.

Some of us believe the government not only needs more transparency (within reason) but is beholden to the people in that regard. Every time we scratch the surface, some other mind-numbing revelation streaks across the media - and the knee-jerk conservatives cry out traitor, leaker, national security and aiding the enemy (it doesnt matter who is in charge).

I am one not to dismiss your fear. But to suggest leftist-pacifism will lead to police states or theocracies is no better than neo-con activism leading us towards facism - but then maybe thats your point.

5/22/2006 01:09:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

I think calling the political exploitation of Katrina "milking" is a charitable characterization. Use the same metric the blame-Bushers apply to 9/11 milking: be a political opponent, mention the subject. There, you're milking it.

Leftist-Pacifists are milking both disasters. As they always have, and always will. Victimology. It's a core thread of the ideology.

Some of us agree with those of you who believe in accountability. Ie. your positions are perfectly reasonable. Others take these arguments and more and push them to unreasonable extremes with obviously partisan motives. I don't disagree with you.

Yes you got my point. In fact, I think if we see a police state in our lifetime it will most likely be Leftist.

5/24/2006 10:34:00 PM  
Blogger flippityflopitty said...

In every movement their is a radicalized element. Every day i see our public servants serving themselves instead of the public.

Accountability has to be put to the forefront.

The Ethic committees need to do their jobs (or Im going to flip-flop and support the executive/judicial branches investigating the Congress).

We need to separate public servants from money. If you want to be a politician, be a politician, dont use your position to amass your fortune or plan your next career move.

The political pandering needs to be controlled. This starts and ends with pork. Sean Hannity made a great point (did I say that?) on the illegal immigration bills - stop working on the mega-bill with amendments and write, vote on and put in place a border security bill with nothing attached (as he says a simple up or down vote).

This needs to be the new legacy of the US Congress - simplicity. Maybe Im dead wrong - maybe the country cant function without pork, maybe the government is just a mega-corporation that is giving subcontractors (aka US citizens) work and keeping the us economy afloat, maybe "free market" means "US-govt influenced free market".

Katrina is a perfect example - why the heck are we spending billions to rebuild a city that is under sea level and a community that is at high risk that will eventually get washed out again? If this was solely a private industry investment the bayous would reclaim the land.

You can suggest we do it all over (california:earthquakes; midwest:tornadoes; name a city
: name a river) but the reality is the government is doing poor long term risk analysis. The more we develop high risk areas, the greater the reconstruction costs when disaster strikes.

Sorry about that, Im babbling.

Sum up: Radicals are a part of life - just pick and choose whose litany you value.

5/25/2006 07:52:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

I agree that Congress should keep it simple. But they won't ever do that because then there'd be no room for pork, or quid pro quo, or CYA, or any of the other political expediencies.

As for radicals I see far more on the Left than I do on the Right. Conservative Radical is a contradiction in terms.

6/04/2006 10:18:00 AM  

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