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Sunday, February 09, 2014

On the Significance of the Neo in Neo-Reaction

Peter Blood:

The Neo-Reaction, in my opinion, has several characteristics that make it similar to Neo-Conservatism.

Neo-Cons: liberals, disproportionately Jewish, “mugged by reality”, not pro-white, eventually honeycombing the right and driving out old hard rightists (example, ironically, Paul Gottfried). Eventually everything is done for the Jews.

Neo-Reaction: libertarians, disproportionately Jewish (MY SUSPICION ONLY), “mugged by reality”, not pro-white (boy, they really hate blacks, though), To Be Determined….

It’s the “neo” thing. Irving Kristol: “Ever since I can remember I’ve been a Neo-Something.”

Hipster Racist:

Interesting parallel between the neo-cons and the neo-reaction. I remember back in the day the “neo” in “neo-con” was often noted to be practically synonymous with “judeo.”

I don’t even like the term “reactionary” to be honest – it’s a communist term. There’s the Marxist Revolution, than the Reaction from the bad guys (nationalists, capitalists, conservatives, religious, racists, etc.) I assumed that the “Dark Enlightenment” and “neo-reaction” were just labels slapped onto the emerging internet consensus among non-leftist types, a mix of race realism, sex realism, and scepticsm of utopianism. I prefer “Aryan Skynet” myself. The argument against democracy, for example, is intellectually interesting, and fun in a devil’s advocate sort of way, but 12 years after the Diebold Voting Machine scandal of 2002, kind of a moot point, isn’t it? Noam Chomsky from the Judeo-Left used to quote Walter Lippman about this in the 1990s, all about the “crisis of democracy” and the use of mass media to “manufacture consent.”

One thing I’ve noticed, YKWs have a lot of time on their hands to write all sorts of articles and comments. I can see a few enterprising YKWs doing what they have always done, as described by Kevin MacDonald, set up little cults-of-personality based on a guru and co-opt various intellectual trends into some “movement” or “ideology,” give it a catchy name, then ruthlessly purge the “anti-semites” and otherwise repurpose the movement to whatever benefits jews.

Indeed. The reaction is to judaization. Neo-reaction is the judaization of the reaction to judaization.

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Anonymous DZ said...

From reading your links I found out that Radish Magazine, one of the notable "neo-reactionary" blogs, is run by the blogger also known as Unamusement Park, who in this post reveals his Jewish ancestry and attacks anti-Semites with some twisted reasoning:

No wonder I had a strange feeling about that site, enough to criticize it in a post not long ago!

2/09/2014 04:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Peter Blood said...

I am beginning to sense that they believe that Jews today have been Puritanized (not that the Puritans were Judaized, such as Cromwell letting the Jews back into England...).

Accordingly, they call our Ruling Elite "The Cathedral" where it really is "The Synagogue."

2/09/2014 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

they believe that Jews today have been Puritanized

Well, they say it anyway. Rabbi Moldbug/Yarvin is the seminal source for that (and "Cathedral").

n/a has provided some of the best rebuttals. See, for example, Reply to Mencius Moldbug on abolitionism. I reread Moldbug: "Bring back Monarchy so I can live out my dream of becoming a court Jew" every once in a while just for a giggle.

2/10/2014 05:15:00 AM  
Anonymous jrackell said...

another, grist for the mill, (scroll down a tad) and droll takedown of Moldbug in a similar vein.

2/10/2014 05:59:00 PM  
Anonymous fnn said... (scroll down a tad) and droll takedown of Moldbug in a similar vein.

You don't need a shallow snarkmeister like Udolpho to tell you what Moldbug is up to. It's pretty obvious. U is a believer in the efficacy of "social science" along with the myth of the Evil Hun. It's an update of late 19th Century Manchester Liberalism.

2/11/2014 03:19:00 PM  

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