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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick Links, 22 Nov 2009

In the Battle Between Facebook and MySpace, A Digital 'White Flight' | The New York Observer - Berkeley grad student examines online social networks and sees metaphorical "White Flight", which is something bad people do, because integration is what every good person should want.

ADL Special Reports: Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies - The Influence of the Mainstream Media - organized jewry can't stomach even buffoonish deracinated zionist Whites like Glenn Beck. They don't like the philo-semitic Oath Keepers either. It's enraging.

Bashing Palin and the horse she rides in on. Too many Whites scares Chris Matthews - "I think there is a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, White vs. other people."

Semitic tribal aspects at Princeton. The Death of the Grown-Up | Diana West - "This is how it works: Defy Islamic supremacism and be demonized as a supremacist." Substitute "jewish" for "islamic" and you get... Choosing the chosen people - The Daily Princetonian - a student body that's 13% jewish isn't good enough, it should be 25% jewish like Harvard, Brown, Columbia and Penn. Commenters clash.

A cartoon croons, Not My Waterpark. Tragic comedy, not at all funny.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Facebook article:
"Whose voices are you choosing to listen to?" she asked the crowd. Are you willing to write off a huge portion of the population because they're not using the same service as you are? Perhaps some of us should be asking ourselves same questions.

Thank you for asking. I am listening to Kevin MacDonald's voice. If I get some time later I will listen to Plato, Isaac Newton, and George Berkeley.

I am not listening to James Brown, Muddy Waters, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson.

I am actively criticizing and deconstructing Ariel Sharon, Elie Wiesel, etc.

11/22/2009 06:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tan, I haven't quite come to trust Glenn Beck since coming across the following comment at:

Jewish Internet Defense Force

Glenn Beck vs. Charles Johnson vs. Robert Spencer?
To be honest, none of them really "do it" for the JIDF, though we can appreciate each of their contributions. If they fully "did it" for the JIDF, then we wouldn't be here, doing our thing. Perhaps some have been in the game too long. Impossible to keep up or take sides in all the mishegas, though we do like Elder of Ziyon's POV:

"when....powerful players fight each other,
the only loss is to the cause itself"

Anyway, everyone should just stop with the nonsense and take their little ego squabbles into private realms. Go into opposite corners and take a "time out" until you can all play nicely and get along and focus on the real tasks at hand.

And finally? Speaking of "doing it," "taking a time out" and "the real tasks at hand?"

Shabbat Shalom!

Categories charles johnson, elder of ziyon, fox news, glenn beck, shabbat shalom, Shabbos

11/23/2009 03:33:00 PM  
Blogger Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Whites are already under 50 percent at Princeton as undergrads. Subtract out the 13 percent Jewish and non-Jewish whites are under 37 percent.

At Harvard, non Jewish whites are about 18 percent compared to Jews of about 30 percent. At Stanford, non-Jewish whites are under 20 percent. Similar numbers at UCLA and Berkeley.

11/23/2009 05:54:00 PM  
Anonymous skinnylegsandall said...

America today is the Weimar republic of Germany post World War 1.Fast tracking to jewish,bolshevick, communist,soviet union.Where are our leaders gonna come from?Here is the Germany of post Weimar coming to Latvian resue...If we don't get moving we aren't goin to be so lucky.

11/24/2009 06:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Torque said...

Weimar?? But where is the Freikorps?

11/24/2009 05:03:00 PM  

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