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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who's Selling Fear?

Here's a frequently recurring Leftist theme: the Right is fear mongering. All these terror warnings and terror arrests are an election year scam by a Radical Right Culture of Corruption trying to pump up political support.

The Republicans Have a Plan - And it is Called FEAR
A. Alexander, July 8th, 2006
One week Iran is the face of "evil". The next it is Zarqawi. Then it is an amorphous thing called "homegrown terrorism", which was highlighted through the arrest of seven hapless fools in Miami. Suddenly the danger shifts and it is North Korea misfiring several harmless missiles. Yet, before the public can breathe a non-anxious breath, a plot to blowup tunnels in New York City is discovered and reported.
Say what? Is history moving too fast? Sorry, we can't do much about that.

However it is easier to keep up once you recognize the role of Islam in situations of strife all around the world. Islamist retards at home. Islamists with apocalyptic visions rattling missles and nukes in Iran. Islamists trying to uproot newborn democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Chechens murdering Russian kids at school. Palestinians lobbing endless rockets and islamikazes at Israelis. Muslims killing Hindus in Kashmir, Christians in Nigeria, Animists in Sudan, TV watchers in Mogadishu, and Jews whereever they can find them.

This is all imaginary? The worldwide Islamic jihad isn't real? And to top that off George Bush controls North Korean missle launches? Is it the US's fault that North Korea is a hard-line communist totalitarian military dictatorship, that Koreans starve because their Great Leader For Life uses his complete command over the economy to build only missles and nukes, which he then uses to blackmail his neighbors? Or is that not really happening?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The big messages from the Left don't exactly spell "Relax". In no particular order and by no means complete we should fear a never-ending war, a police state, environmental change, racial inequality, economic inequality, corporatism, militarism, abortion abolition, and Christian dominion. See the common thread? Deep-rooted all-consuming negativity. Our economic system is flawed. It exploits others, angering them. I'm angry at my insignificance. The government should take care of me. Everyone poorer than me is an idiot. Everyone richer than me is in some way a crook. Take from one give to the other until everyone has the same.

Sheesh that's an unpleasant way of seeing things.

The Left views the world through a Marxist prism of class and racial conflict, and couples it with an arrogant and ultimately disastrous premise that the State's role is to right all wrongs. Not that they can even agree what's right or wrong. Or that there are such absolutes. The Left's goals include thwarting corporatism, ending nationalism, equality by fiat, and dismantling the remnants of Judeo-Christian culture. The jihadis, driven by a lust to serve Allah, see the world differently. Nonetheless their goals overlap with the Left's. That is how ideologues of either persuasion find they can agree on the ends even while they may quibble over the means.


Blogger phactoid said...

Liberals fear religion most of all because they fear judgment. They want a judgment-free society in which they have the personal freedom to do just about any immoral thing they wish. What they fear most is someone telling them that what they do or say is wrong. This fear is at the root of the paralizing political correctness that has infected both our political, educational, and social lives. Those who are religious believe in right and wrong. That scares the hell out of the left.

7/11/2006 09:13:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Yes, fear of judgement is what drives their inner child, but I don't think they sell it openly to others directly in the political arena. In fact they'd probably deny that this motivates them.

Look at what "privacy" means to them. It doesn't mean private property. It doesn't mean you get to keep what you earn. It means women can scrape out babies they don't want. It means sociopaths be left alone to make their plans. It means celebrating all sorts of deviant behavior. God forbid anyone should say this crap is eroding society. What are you, some kind of sexist, facist, homophobe? Well, they are at least capable of judging others.

7/15/2006 11:22:00 AM  
Blogger flippityflopitty said...

What are you, some kind of sexist, fascist homophobe?

Liberal is an overplayed description of people who dont fall in line with the current conservative thinking.

The tangibility of freedom is not limited to land and cash, particularly those who have neither (some would call that entire class - liberals), but to unquantifiable and unqualifiable freedoms you both allude to - religiuos, personal, privacy, speech and judgement.

Is this the same phactoid that claims islam is intolerant of any other religion - convert or die? When you say "religion" - do you mean "Jew" or "Christian"?

Fear of judgement? Whose? God's?
"Those who are religious believe in right and wrong." So, its ok to kill people but killing a few hundred human cells with the potential for being a person is immoral, deviant and wrong.

There is a sh#tload of "religious" politicians who dont know the difference between right and wrong. (and a few Catholic priests, too) to name a few.

Regarding the post specifically, New York is on Orange alert infinitum, the Magnificent Miami 7 could be construed as nothing less than political, Zarqawi was the most underplayed political turn Ive seen - talk about a missed opp, NoKo and Iran are constant reminders of failing foreign policy (extending back to the Carter years) - no political points here, and the NYC tunnel threat was a LEAK! Where is the public outcry to bury the Daily News for leaking the story - it was an ACTIVE investigation and bad guys got away. In the same day they were still looking to bury the NY times for their reporting...

If we look at the world thru the political rhetoric on either side, there is no need to get up, just pray for the Rapture...

The left-jihadi connection is as meaningful as the right-fascist connection. Been there done that.

7/17/2006 12:48:00 PM  
Blogger phactoid said...

I didn't say that Islam was "intolerant" of other religions, I said they want to convert or kill them. That's more than intolerant. I think the use of the word "intolerant" underscores what I've been talking about. The average American has been raised to be tolerant of other cultural and religious differences (at public school and their western religion place of worship). So when someone or some group is anti another religion we call them "intolerant." Islam is not simply a religion of intolerance that results in discrimination or mistreatment. It is convert or kill. Islamic extremists don't want anything from us. It's not about us treating them better or negotiating with them, our mere existance is the problem. Solving the problem means ending our existance.

When I say "fear of judgment" I mean anyone's.

Tanstaafl's point about privacy is interesting. Somehow liberals find killing an innocent unborn baby acceptable but killing a convicted murderer unacceptable.

And the personal freedoms that liberals prize, e.g., abortion, gay marriage, feminist movement, are eroding society, particularly the family.

What I just said is JUDGMENT, that's what liberals hate most. Abortion, gay marriage, feminist movement are BAD and I'm not afraid to say it just because it may not be "politically correct."

For instance, at first blush one would think that the feminist movement has helped women. But the reality is that it has hurt women and most importantly families themselves. Women entered the work force, our economy adjusted to that, and now most families can't get by without a 2-person income. For most women, staying home to raise the children is a luxury they simply cannot afford. So the feminist movement has resulted in LIMITING choices for most women, not expanding them.

And it is children that are hurt most. There's a whole generation of kids growing up who spend 10-12 hours of their waking day in the care of someone other than a parent. No wonder schools are encountering record numbers of discipline problems. The school is no substitute for the family.

It's my understanding that famous feminists like Gloria Steinem are puzzled and angry why so many women who become doctors, lawyers, and other high paid professionals leave to stay home with their kids. Isn't it interesting that when women become wealthy enough to have CHOICE they choose to raise their children? This choice has been taken away from less affluent woment thanks to the feminist movement. Apparently, Gloria sees this as a betrayal to all the women who gave up having their own kids so that they could "crack" the glass ceiling and pave the way for these women to follow. God forbid they make a different choice and decide to stay home with their kids. There's even a current best seller out right now that makes the case that women who get advanced degrees and stay home are hurting society and other women. Unreal.

One would think that feminism should stand for the right of women to make ANY choice about their livelihoods, but not to the National Organization for Women. NOW won't even acknowledge stay-at-home moms as any kind of a valid choice. Their organization will not write of them or speak of them except to ridicule and shame them for not "working."

So here at last is a personal freedom that the left doesn't support -- the choice to stay at home and mother my own children.

8/06/2006 03:06:00 PM  
Blogger flippityflopitty said...

You'd make a good Islamicist - the woman stays at home...(JK)

On Islam, there tends to be carelessness in painting with a wide brush. All religions have fanatic elements - the Islamic jihadists are many degrees more extreme.

On the privacy issue the opposite is equally interesting - conservatives say save the zygote, but once saved youre on your own. Unless of course you are convicted of a capital crime or you decide to join the military - then we may help you on your way to the next place.

The feminist movement is as important to our society as any other. Despite the fact that women are still not treated on equal terms, the one point you emphasized is choice. Prior to the feminist movement, there was no choice. Though I too see the shortcomings it has brought on society (ie, family, cost of living), society has yet to catch up - but the wealthy are taking advantage and making the choice to stay home (women and to a lesser degree men alike).

The best seller sounds like a Femi-Nazi. My response is choice - be happy you can make one.

8/06/2006 07:16:00 PM  

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