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Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Protection, Nowhere

A reader (who doesn't post) sent this:
I took the trouble to translate for you a commentary that appeared yesterday in the German ”DIE ZEIT”. Once again, I am happy to observe that the Europeans are waking up to the sobering truth that Terrorism is not only an American problem.


First in Canada and the UK, now even in Sweden a number of terror suspects were apprehended.

The latest wave of arrests of young Muslims in Canada, the UK and now also in Sweden is eye-opening in several respects. Islamic terror, whether originating internally or agitated from abroad, is directed against all western countries, regardless of their foreign policy, - a lesson the Canadians have been slow to learn. The cell that was arrested there was about to blow up national landmarks, commit mass murder, behead the premier and kidnap members of the government, i. e., a spectacular series of crimes that would have been comparable to the terror acts of 9/11.

Why us?, is the incredulous and shocked question asked in Canadian headlines; aren’t we Canadians, the nice guys that everyone likes, who act as peace makers, who sharply distanced themselves from the mighty neighbor, the US? Who would want to visit such terrible harm upon us?

Canada believed that, because of its hypersensitive multiculturalism, it was insulated against the murderous Jihadists. Now it is dawning on the nice Canadians that a multi-cultural shmoozing course does not protect from Islamic terror. They now have to come to terms with the realization that multiculturalism, which does not impose on minorities any sort of integration requirements, actually promotes radicalization in the Islamic diaspora to a considerable extend. It permitted the creation of ethnic and religious ghettos and, therefore, the separation from the majority population and its customs and values. Multiculturalism, often infiltrated by Marxism, cultural relativism and romantic glorification of totalitarian ideologies, led to the growth of a victim mentality amongst Islamic minorities.

One can add to that the senseless debate over whether the culprit is a centrally, Al Qaeda led terror organization or only one of independent local cells. Islamic extremism knows no boundaries, it is ideologically connected and global in its direction and its goal: the establishment of a world-wide caliphate under the Sharia. It has been shown that from Madrid and London to New York, even though terrorist cells in western countries have acted mostly autonomously, a web of Islamic religious schools, traveling preachers and experts in the construction of bombs, are also a part of the infrastructure of Islamic terrorism. Evidently there were also Muslims from Great Britain and Sweden involved in the preparation of the planned massacre in Canada.

Whenever there is an arrest of suspected terrorists, there is a familiar ritual: Police and secret services point, as in the UK, to pressing reasons for suspicion or, as in the case of the Canadians, to hard evidence that made the arrests necessary. Muslemic “community leaders” react as if it is another hostile attack by the majority against the long-suffering, Islamic minority. Liberal media love to pick up the subject and warn against generalization in condemning the young Muslims. In any event, they frequently raise the claim that the danger of terrorism is intentionally exaggerated. Which does not prevent them from vociferously accusing the authorities after every attack of insufficient foresight and lack of preventive measures.

British terror investigators so far have not apologized for last weekends massive operation, even though, so far, they have no solid results to register. They were right to do so. Police must investigate specific leads to a chemical bomb factory.

About 20 attempts similar to those in July of 2005, were thwarted in Great Britain in the last four years. It happens to be a fact that terrorist attacks originate from the Islamic minority. It is lamentable but it cannot be denied. And it renders ad absurdum the accusation of “Islamophobia”, which Islamic circles like to hide behind. One needs to reverse this accusation: When Police and secret services prevent acts of terror they serve all the people in a democratic society, regardless of skin color or religion, - even the Muslim minority.

Responsible community leaders and preachers should remind the believers of this even though it may be difficult to convince the young firebrands of that truth. (Translator’s note: Fat chance!)
Could a proponent of multiculuralism explain why it isn't working out so well in Germany, or France?


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Hegemony works that well elsewhere?

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