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Monday, May 15, 2006

Invite Them In, Let Them Go

Tonight President Bush started by admiting US borders have not been under control for years and vowed that securing the border was job #1 starting immediately, as part of a 5 step comprehensive plan.

He then described the game of Catch and Release, and said he would put an end to it. The game is how we handle illegal immigrants we catch that are hard to deport. We tell them to report to a hearing which neither they nor the US govt expect them to actually attend, and then let them go. To Bush's promise he will put an end to it I say: great, it's very little, very late, but yes we should secure the border and part of that is putting an end to Catch and Release.

Then Bush, once again, pushed his Guest Worker and Crypto Amnesty plans. For support he called on the same old canards. They come for jobs. Jobs Americans won't do. We can't disrupt their families by deporting them all.

Therefore we must invite more foreign workers in and then....let them go!

Catch and Release? Bad! Guest Worker? Good!


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