Monday, April 07, 2014

tWn Get-Together

Join Carolyn Yeager and the rest of us tonight:

The Heretics' Hour, Live, Monday, April 7th, 9-11 pm Eastern time (6-8 Pacific) on The White Network, "All-hosts April get-together"

“April is the cruelest month,” wrote T.S. Eliot (the one line I always remember). And we at The White Network may very well be cruel to our enemies when we gather for our 2nd group show of this year. Tanstaafl, Paul Hickman, Ray Goodwin and I will talk about moral legitimacy for Whites, the Ukraine situation, the Jonathan Pollard situation, and other aspects of the jewish problem. Don't miss it.

UPDATE: mp3.


  1. I have just got through all your podcasts. Very well done.

    I do have a question. Have you addresses how a racially aware parent can navigate through the PC Anti-White schooling and not land their children in hot water?

    How to deal with how all people of color are put on pedestals while Whites are only taught to be evil killers hell-bent on dominating the world. etc. I think you see where this is going.

    thanks and great blog and podcasts

  2. Tan:
    A worthwhile read. It seems Ann Coulter and Vox Day are 'waking up'.

  3. muhammad ali speaks against race mixing

  4. would be interested of your take to what the commenters say if you have the time

  5. This article just broke today. If i could have your take on it as well it'd be awesome.

  6. " how a racially aware parent can navigate through the PC Anti-White schooling" - simple, get off your asses and take back your school boards and local governments.