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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anti-White is Not Code for Anti-Jew

Embedded in Gawker's snarky White Man March Happens, Nobody Cares I found this twit:

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one, which captures one of the major themes of the hostile reaction to the White Man March, reduces to just two - anti-White whine. However, with just a little work I thought it could help prove a point:

Sure enough, I touched a nerve:

Brian Stuart describes itself as a dangerous fat activist, humorless feminist and pedantic liberal. He has produced a series of similar cartoons, all crying out for noses.

If anything illustrates the jewish origin of the anti-White zeitgeist, it's right here. As anyone can see, all it takes to turn humor into hate is to mistake jews for Whites.

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Blogger Tanstaafl said...

He very deliberately omits the nose. Thus calling attention to it. Clear case of repressed jew-hatred.

3/20/2014 10:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the original looks quite a bit like the young Allan Konigsberg, oddly enough...

3/20/2014 10:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Dissent said...

LOL! Good one Tan. Very well played.

3/24/2014 11:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive redirect.The irony is overwhelming in the anti-White's response.

4/05/2014 06:57:00 PM  

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