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Friday, June 29, 2012

Learning from History

Twenty or so years ago California governor Pete Wilson warned that unless something was done to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, or at least to stem the outflow of government resources to support them, the state would soon face bankruptcy. Sure enough, California is today essentially bankrupt, though in the current mainstream media and political climate it is not attributed to immigration.

Wilson wasn't wrong about where California was heading, or why, though he was wrong in failing to note the racial dimension of that problem. It was clear even then that the threat to White Californians was not just financial, but existential. Unfortunately for Whites, Wilson and other White political leaders had by that time abandoned White identity and interests. Bankruptcy is only one facet of California's degeneration, due as much to the flight of disgusted law-abiding, tax-paying Whites as it is to the flood of disgusting gang-banging, tax-eating mestizos.

So now that California is saturated with non-White immigrants and the United States as a whole is being driven off the same cliff, even Wilson's deracinated, economic objections are characterized as "hardline" and "alarming" by latino chauvinists. There is a lesson here. The price Whites pay for failing to recognize and explicitly defend our interests as a group, for trying so hard not to be "racist", is to be displaced and dispossessed by other groups who are more willing to organize and pursue their own group interests.

Whites used to understand this. A much earlier and clearer illustration can be taken from The International Jew published by Henry Ford. Indeed the Wilson/California debacle can be understood as just one consequence of the ascendency of jews to power that Ford tried to warn Americans about. The first volume of TIJ is subtitled "The World's Foremost Problem". This reflects the situation almost a hundred years ago, when the American media and political climate was not yet completely dominated by jews and jewish interests, but the potential for such domination was openly and bluntly recognized as a threat.

Ford and his contemporaries weren't imagining this threat. Despite increasingly absurd denials, jews dominate more completely now than they did in Ford's day. Whites everywhere are today experiencing the painful, poisonous fruits of this domination. Whites are confused and demoralized and run away from White identity and interests, and feel compelled to do so because jews have used their increasing power to pathologize and demonize us as a group. The world's foremost problems today, according to the people who wield the power to define those problems, are "racists", meaning Whites, and "anti-semites", meaning anyone jews don't like.

The lesson for Whites is not to run away screaming in fear when the enemy starts pushing those "racist"/"nazi"/"holocaust" buttons, nor to try and join them in their game. The enemy won't stop because you join them, or ignore them, or surrender. We must understand and learn from our history, not run from it. Listen, as I will, to “The International Jew” Study Hour at tWn, where Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott retrospectively review the wisdom recorded in Ford's TIJ. Let's imagine what could have been done better, and let's do it.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Methinks the Psychoanalyst Doth Project Too Much

In Are monocausalists paranoid?, Chechar writes:
Yesterday and today I received some emails from Tanstaafl asking me if I have Jewish blood in my veins! Apparently Tanstaafl is now trying to see a Jew under the wrong stone because he’s extremely upset about my recent posts criticizing his pet theory, “monocausalism.” However upset he may be, that is no excuse for his rudeness in his recent emails. Here there are some sentences of our email exchanges.
The post is pretty brief. The bit above is the most melodramatic portion. I haven't seen projection like this in quite a while.

I have to admit I am disturbed, but not for the reasons Chechar thinks.

It's clear that he's deluded. "Monocausalism" is Chechar's pet theory, not mine. I think I'm patient zero in this theory, and I think it has something to do with the suicide meme.

It's clear that he's angry. Though he's been quite actively bad-mouthing "monocausalism" and "monocausalists" for months now, on his own blog and elsewhere, in his mind I'm the aggressor. He was finally compelled to "respond" after I had the audacity to challenge his theory when he started pimping it on tWn.

Chechar claims to be incensed by my rudeness. I don't buy it. I think he decided quite a while ago that he didn't like my opinions on some things. He wrote about it. And he wrote about it. The lack of interest from me made him seethe, and eventually it turned into a personal hatred.

Whatever the cause I note now his hostility. I still see nothing of substance to respond to. "Monocausalism" seems to me just another name for an old smear.



Monday, June 18, 2012


The next installment of AoTR will appear Tuesday at 9PM ET at the White network - Guilt-Tripping. I'm still learning, and have a way to go just getting my audio quality and umms ironed out, but this is more typical of the kind of topics I intend to cover for the next few months.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing Age of Treason Radio

The first installment of AoTR will appear Tuesday at 9PM ET at the White network - Introducing Age of Treason Radio, where you may either listen to the broadcast or download the podcast.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Diamond Jubilee - What's to Celebrate?

Has any country ever changed so much in 60 years? Enchanting photos show what life was like when our Queen came to the throne.

Now take a sobering look at what life is like in London today: The True Face Of Immigration. As the fellow in the video says, what you're about to see is horrific.
UPDATE, 3 June 2012: BBC News - Diamond Jubilee: Events held across Wales.

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