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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sport and Race - Toby Gerhart

Race factors into evaluation of Gerhart - NFL - Yahoo! Sports:
If you’ve seen Toby Gerhart carry the football, you’re well aware that the former Stanford halfback and Heisman Trophy runner-up is about as subtle as Iron Man. It’s no surprise, then, that as the NFL draft approaches, the player one AFC front-office executive described as “a bowling ball with butter knives” is hell-bent on obliterating the perception that he lacks the athleticism to succeed in the pros.
I’ve spoken with numerous NFL talent evaluators about Gerhart over the past few months, and there are plenty of skeptics who don’t seem to be locked into mindless stereotypes.
Did skin color keep Stanford RB Toby Gerhart from being a first-round pick? - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
"One team I interviewed with asked me about being a white running back," Gerhart said. "They asked if it made me feel entitled, or like I felt I was a poster child for white running backs. I said, 'No, I'm just out there playing ball. I don't think about that.' I didn't really know what to say."

Opinions seem mixed on Gerhart, who was obviously productive but also absorbs a lot of punishment and isn't especially shifty. One scout told Silver that Gerhart's pigmentation was definitely working against him.
Nothing to see here, move along folks. When a White guy faces race-based bias it's a "perception that he lacks the athleticism to succeed" and his "pigmentation" is "working against him".

Just last year Michael Silver, the jewish author of the first article linked above, was offended and outraged over race-based perceptions. In No excuses: Redskins need a new nickname - NFL - Yahoo! Sports, Silver wrote:
Last Friday, in a judicial decision that hinged on a legal technicality, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., upheld the right of the local pro football team to keep its unconscionable nickname.

Gloated team attorney Bob Raskopf, “It’s a great day for the Redskins and their fans and their owner, Dan Snyder.”

Alas, it was another shameful day for America.

In clinging to the most racially offensive moniker held by a major U.S. professional sports team since the Emancipation Proclamation – yes, I know, since forever – the franchise continues to offend some Native Americans and assault the sensibilities of a citizenry that should be long past such insensitive and shallow depictions.

How can a large majority of us not be offended? Imagine trying to explain “Redskins” to a foreign visitor or a time-traveler from the future? Every time I say the word, I throw up in my mouth a little and wonder why there is no widespread outrage.
Would we “honor,” say, Chicago’s African-American population by calling its NFL team the Brownskins?

If the NBA placed a franchise in Hawaii, would it consider paying homage to the islands’ Asian influences by competing as the Yellowskins?

And while I’m sure we could all come up with some Jewish slurs to continue the analogy, I submit that an anti-Semitic major league owner like Marge Schott might’ve been quite comfortable fielding a team known as the Foreskins.

Ridiculous? Absolutely. And Redskin is just as absurd, whether you’ve been conditioned to regard it as normal or not.
If Toby Gerhart were a jew Silver wouldn't describe the problem as "the perception that he lacks the foreskin to succeed in the pros". He'd describe it as "anti-semitism". He'd be throwing up in his mouth and wondering why there is no widespread outrage.

Gerhart isn't a victim of his skin color. He and other White players are subjected to a different race-based standard by sports and media machers who favor "African-Americans" over "whites". We are conditioned to regard this as normal. It's not.

Steve Sailer wrote an article about Gerhart last October titled Blackballed? Sailer wonders:
So, why are there a lot of white starting tailbacks in high school, very few in big time college football, and none in the NFL?

There are three general explanations:

Stereotyping and Discrimination Against Blacks (A.K.A., Did You Know that Jewish Players Used to Dominate Basketball?) This is the dominant public explanation put forward by the sporting press. The party line is that blacks are forced by poverty to become multimillionaire stars, while wealthy whites relax in the lap of luxury by, uh, playing center or breaking up the wedge on kickoffs or … well, never mind. The facts aren’t important.

As Tom Wolfe implied in I Am Charlotte Simmons, this theory is motivated less by any serious urge to explain reality and more by Jewish pundits’ concerns over whether honest analysis of racial differences is good for the Jews.

In Wolfe’s 2004 novel, the frat boys watch a talk show on ESPN:

… four poorly postured middle-aged white sportswriters sat slouched in little, low-backed, smack-red fiberglass swivel chairs panel-discussing the ‘sensitive’ matter of the way black players dominated basketball. “Look,” the well-known columnist Maury Fieldtree was saying, his chin resting on a pasha’s cushion of jowls, “just think about it for a second. Race, ethnicity, all that—that’s just a symptom of something else. There’s been whole cycles of different minorities using sports as a way out of the ghetto. …

Maury Fieldtree goes on to talk about the Irish and boxing, Italians and boxing, Germans and football, and then, inevitably:

In the 1930s and 1940s, you know who dominated professional basketball long before the African Americans? Jewish players. Yeah! Jewish players from the Jewish ghettos of New York!”

The Rube Goldberg ish logic underlying the conventional wisdom is, roughly, that

A) If it became socially acceptable to admit in public that blacks might have on average genetic advantages in jumping and sprinting; then

B) It might become acceptable to admit that maybe blacks have lower average IQs for genetic reasons; which would then

C) Let the gentiles find out that Jews might higher average IQs for genetic reasons; thus,

D) The goyim will come for us with their torches and pitchforks; and therefore,

E) We must just bury the whole topic in mindless kitsch to prevent A from ever happening.

In contrast, the two serious theories are:

Genetics: As O.J. Simpson explained to Time in 1977: “We are built a little differently, built for speed—skinny calves, long legs, high asses are all characteristics of blacks.”

Stereotyping and Discrimination Against Whites: The website has long been single-mindedly documenting outstanding young white athletes who have been channeled by coaches from traditionally black positions such as tailback, cornerback or wide receiver to whiter, less glamorous positions such as linebacker, strong safety, or tight end.
The conventional wisdom is actually a combination of all three theories. "People of color" are discriminated against and biologically superior and it's right and good to discriminate against Whites because of the stereotype that they've been discriminating against superior "people of color" for ages.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two "Conservative" Jews, Same "Liberal" Dissembling

In The Myth of "Judeo-Christian Values", Paul Gottfried writes:
Although I agree with Larry [Auster] about the need for a moratorium on immigration, particularly from Latin America, and although I share his view that decadent, childless Europeans are committing physical and demographic suicide by repopulating their countries with lower-class Muslims, who often incline toward Islamic Fundamentalism, I strongly dissent from his unqualified generalizations about adherents of Islam.
I am not suiciding myself and I don't know anyone who is. What Gottfried misidentifies as "suicide by repopulating their countries" is actually genocide by immigration. It is being imposed on lots of people I do know who don't want it by a class who most certainly do not see themselves as "us" or these countries as "ours". It is rationalized and excused by a number of specious arguments, the most effective of which is that any substantive resistance to this supposed "suicide" makes you a horrible, immoral, ignorant person - a "racist" or "nazi". You're a mortal threat to the interests of "minorities".

Jews, of course, are the prototypical threatened minority, with a mind boggling disproportion of wealth and over-representation in Western media and politics. That's why anyone who stands against this so-called "suicide" is called a "nazi" - whether or not they have any knowledge of "nazi" history or jewish power. Whites may be ignorant of our interests, but jews are not ignorant of theirs, and they don't hesitate to use their power to viciously attack anyone they perceive as an enemy.

Neither Gottfried nor Auster are powerful, in part because they oppose immigration. Despite their differences on muslims both feel free to make unqualified negative generalizations about Whites. Both scapegoat us for "suiciding" ourselves. Both talk about and even criticize jews, but ultimately excuse them and blame Whites instead.
Larry might wish that Jews thought differently about Christian believers since he himself is one, but alas most of them don't. Jewish organizations here and in Europe view Christians as people whose exaggerated guilt over the Holocaust can be channeled into support for the Israeli government. Prominent Jewish groups, such as the World Jewish Congress, the Canadian Jewish Congress, and the Anti-Defamation League, show nothing but indifference or hostility to the continued existence of Christian institutions in what used to be Christian countries.
This isn't about religion. Christianity here is nothing but a proxy for Whiteness, and Gottfried and Auster both know it.

Those same prominent jewish groups joined with muslims and the Catholic Church, the media, and the EU ruling caste to condemn a popular, secular Swiss vote banning minarets. Led by jewish example and jewish rhetoric they all take the slightest indication that the Swiss want Switzerland to remain Swiss as a sign of "nazism", which they see as a mortal threat. Never mind the mortal threat to the Swiss. In this and dozens of recent examples across the West, opposition to genocidal levels of immigration is more and more explicitly described as bad for jews and the alien migrants they identify and sympathize with. The rationale is that such opposition threatens them with genocide.

The impact of this inversion of reality isn't anti-Christian, it's anti-White. Even when White opposition to immigration is deracinated and expressed in terms of law, economics, or culture the genocidal immigrationists shamelessly inject their own ethnic and racial interests into the debate while accusing the White opposition of disguising "racist" motives.

I'm not as familiar with Gottfried, but I know Auster follows European politics almost as closely as he follows domestic American politics. His main concern isn't religion. It's "anti-semitism". If he gets the slightest whiff that a person or organization opposes jewish interests, explicitly or not, it doesn't matter whether they are good Christians, dislike muslims, or agree with him on every other point of his pro-jewish worldview.
There might well be problems with the liberal ideas that Jews have supported until now, but it is simply wrong to pretend that Jewish liberals act from liberal motives that have nothing to do with their Jewish fears and hostilities. I've never met a Jewish liberal whose leftist politics was not in some way connected to his self-identity as a Jew.
Auster only poses as an anti-"liberal" "conservative". His preoccupation is with defending jewish interests. His opposition to immigration into the West is based primarily on it being bad for jews. His dissembling about "liberalism" and "judeo-Christian" heritage is only part of his deliberate and more general conflation of White and jewish interests. Gottfried likewise but less blatantly poses as a "conservative" against "liberalism". Together he and his friend Auster demonstrate that self-identity as a jew is not only connected to "liberals" and leftist politics.

I'll conclude with an exchange in June 2009 between these two hyper-conscious jews about how jews are innocent and Whites (disingenously euphemized first as "Protestants", then as "Christians", and finally as the "white gentile majority") are to blame, excerpted from Black racial preferences at Annapolis; and a conversation with Paul Gottfried about white guilt,, Jews, and Protestants (Auster's emphasis):
LA replies:

Let me see if I can reconcile these statements.

You seem to be saying that the egalitarian fiction (the races are equal in capacities, so blacks' backwardness must be due to white racism) is the source of white guilt, but that the energy pushing this guilt and never giving it a rest is the projection of Christian spiritual guilt onto secular racial guilt about nonwhites.

Is that an accurate summary of what you're saying?

However, this leads me to another point, I think I have just finally understood something you've been saying to me for a number of years. You have often told me that Protestant liberals are worse than Jewish liberals, and I never quite understood what you meant by this. But now I think maybe I see it.

What distinguishes Jewish liberalism from Protestant liberalism is the following.

Jewish liberals see white Christians as guilty. The Jews feel ok about themselves, they think the white gentile majority is the problem.

By contrast, white Protestant liberals feel guilty about themselves. This leaves them without a confident group selfhood. They believe only in equality, only in their own guilt for somehow standing in the way of equality. It is this lack of collective and even individual selfhood, this inner nothingness, this willingness to be destroyed, that makes the white Protestants the true liberals. The Jews, whose collective and individual psyche is not guilty under liberalism (since in the liberal world view Jews are victims and the champions of victims), have psychological power and self-confidence and thus are not true liberals.

A true liberal is a person who is willing to accept his group's extinction. Protestants are willing to accept their group's extinction. Jews are not. Therefore Protestants are closer to the true liberal essence than the Jews are.

Is this what you've been saying?

Paul Gottfried replies:

You've summed up my views on the differences between Jewish and Christian liberals with more succinctness that I've been able to apply to the problem. And your conclusion is spot on. True liberals, who incarnate the Freudian death wish, yearn for the extinction of their ancestral group.
Jews, including "conservatives" like Auster and Gottfried, feel ok about themselves, they think Whites are the problem.

UPDATE 16 April 2010: Alt-Right's ongoing construction of a fictional Auster is Auster's lame reply to "ignorant and off-base statements about me". He complains that:
Every time an article about me appears at Richard Spencer's website Alternative Right, which is not an infrequent event, it attributes to me, without evidence, without any quotations from my writings, views that I do not have and that I have never stated and that frequently are the opposite of my actual views. There have been so many such false attributions, particularly in Richard Spencer's long article, "Austercized" (which I only gave a careful reading recently, after Spencer's podcast interview of me), and in Richard Hoste's blog entries about me, and it would take so much work and time to reply to them all, and there are so many more pressing and more interesting things to write about, that I've put off replying to them so far, though I will try to get around to it.

The latest Auster-critical fantasy fest (or, rather, "Larry"-critical fantasy fest, since the writers at Alt Right do not refer to me by my last name, but as "Larry") is a 1,600 word article posted yesterday by Paul Gottfried which, without a single quotation of me, attributes to me numerous views that I do not have and have never stated.
Of course whenever I write about Larry I quote him extensively. My frequent critiques of him have been rooted entirely in his views and his arguments. It has never stopped him from writing any number of ignorant and off-base statements about me.

Focusing finally on Gottfried, Auster writes:
Beyond his wild mischaracterizations of my views, of which I've only touched the surface, is a much more consequential matter. Gottfried's main point in this vile and incoherent article is to drive a wedge between Jews and Christians, to make Christians feel that Jews are a greater threat to the West than Muslims are.
The quotes Auster provides and his statement of his "real" views do not demonstrate any "wild mischaracterizations" made by Gottfried. And Auster provides no quotes in support of his own wild mischaracterization of Gottfried's main point, which Gottfried put right in his title: The Myth of "Judeo-Christian Values". Gottfried is accusing Larry of mischaracterizing the history of European/jewish relations. The only real flaw with that criticism is that Gottfried neglects to add that many other jews and zionist Christians join Larry in that mythologizing. "Judeo-Christian" rhetoric is the norm, not the exception, and in fact the only politically correct, mainstream, "liberal" view of "judeo-Christian" history is one in which jews have always been the completely innocent victims of undeserved persecution, repeatedly perpetrated by envious, irrational, and ignorant Europeans.

As usual Auster doesn't address the criticism that's actually aimed at him. Instead he complains hypocritically about "personal attacks" and "reckless indifference to factual truth" and changes the subject. And of course the subject that he really wants to talk about is the threat to jews posed by Gottfried's blunt words concerning their dim views of "Christians", ie. Europeans.

I'm disgusted by the dissembling coming from both of these jewish "conservative" poseurs, but I'm happy to see so many in the Alternative Right commentariat aren't fooled.

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