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Monday, September 29, 2008

Minority Disproportions and the Fraud They Produce

Steve Sailer has written several essays noting the disproportional large involvement of "minorities" in the housing bubble that triggered the Wall Street bailout, and noting the disproportionately small amount of attention the media has paid to it. More specifically he has focused on the role of "NAMs", non-asian minorities, the euphemism he and his regular commenters use for blacks and latinos.

Sailer attributes the past decade of frenzied borrowing and spending in large part to the trendy but misplaced faith among our politically correct managerial class that relatively poor, uneducated, irresponsible blacks and latinos would pay back loans at the same rate as relatively wealthy, educated, responsible Whites. He labels this zeitgeist The Bullshit Years and calls the resulting bubble-bailout The Diversity Recession.

As usual there are some misguided souls who spring forth to defend the "brown people". Often their argument is based on the rationale that putting minorities in a negative light, i.e. discriminating against them, is nothing but a nefarious attempt to blame everything on them, to make them scapegoats, because this is the only thing racists driven mad by hatred can think to do.

This is a dishonest but predictable response made by seemingly intelligent people. It epitomizes the prevailing political correctness and actually helps demonstrate Sailer's point that "the Establishment" is infected with a mental disease which causes them to deliberately deny certain facts, as well as the consequences of this denial - and to villify anyone who will not behave likewise.

The fact is the plutocrats and their managerial class are more than willing to discriminate, to see minorities and their disproportions, even to the point that this willingness motivates offical policies which disproportionately aid minorities, even to the point where such policies are obviously detrimental to indigenous Whites.

Yesterday Sailer posted a reader's more intelligent objection to his ideas. The argument in The Diversity Recession: A debunking is not based on the virtue of ignoring minorities, or the evil of not ignoring them, but instead aims at denying that minorities were disproportionately involved.

In accepting the validity of discussing disproportion such an argument is a small concession to the truth, and possibly even made in good faith, but the net result is the same: it is an attempt to defuse and deflect attribution of blame away from where it rightfully belongs. When "the Establishment" wishes to do favors for minorities there is little hesitation not only to fudge the numbers in whatever way is required to produce disproportions that need correcting, but also to blame those disproportions, sometimes explicitly, sometimes by implication, on the machinations of Whites who are ostensibly disporportionately "racist".

In the case of Sailer's would-be debunker, if the argument that blacks and latinos were not disproportionately involved in housing bubble foreclosures is correct, then by implication Whites and/or asians must have been. Sailer and his commenters have already provided plenty of evidence countering this debunking, and at any rate it seems a moot point. Under the leadership of Carter, Clinton, and Bush the government stated its belief that blacks and (later) latinos were disproportionately suffering injustice and explicitly sought to right that wrong by applying new, discriminatory standards. Those are the facts.

Sailer's point, which several of his commenters have pointed out to his you-just-want-to-blame-brown-people critics, is not that the "NAMs" conspired to enrich themselves. The point is that intelligent non-"NAMs" in positions of authority consciously chose to pander to "NAMs" and pursue related fiscal policies that on their face would seem highly unintelligent because the macroeconomic consequences are turning out, as some predicted, to be incredibly bad.

This begs the question: why assume these otherwise supra-intelligent people in government and finance were behaving stupidly? Obviously some people got wealthy in the feeding frenzy leading up to the collapse. Some are now getting wealthy shorting and speculating during the collapse. Still more stand to get wealthy by securing taxpayer subsidies for themselves. There are plenty of people who simply do not care how much the macroeconomy suffers as long as their microeconomy gains.

Indeed Sailer and many of his commenters don't really seem to assume "the Establishment" is stupid. They insinuate that the negative results of the malfeasence were mostly unintentional and attribute the blame in part to short-sighted greed and in part to the hopeless naivete of "whiter people" - i.e. liberal, politically correct "whites".

For me this also is only a partial and thus unacceptable concession to the truth. The truth is there is another minority embroiled in this scandal. A minority whose participation nobody seems to want to note. I posted the following comment to The Diversity Recession: A debunking, but it did not make it past moderation:
As long as we're examining disproportions of minorities, what about the disproportion of jews who:

A) argue any disproportion perceived as harmful to a minority is caused by White racism (described variously as redlining, institutional racism, White privilege)

B) "innovated" ways around regulation and created new forms of leverage built on the loosened lending resulting largely from A (described variously as mortgage-backed securities, credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligation)

C) advocate taxpayer-funded subsidies for private enterprises (described variously as loans, buyouts, bailouts)

D) enriched themselves via A, B, or C

E) are in positions of authority and oversight, and should now be seeking to ferret out and punish wrongdoing rather than what they are doing, which is trying to find some way, any way to provide more C

I have a theory that explains why the disproportionate involvement of the jewish minority goes even less frequently mentioned than the disproportionate involvement of either blacks or latinos. It has to do with the phrase "anti-semitism".

First, obviously, anyone who would mention the jewish minority in such a negative light can expect it to be denounced as "anti-semitism" (refer to item A). Second, but more important, this same defensive tendency means that if even a relatively small number of the jewish minority perceived that the effects of either the housing bubble or the bailout were bad for themselves or jews in general (disproportionately or not) then they would have already blamed either situation on "anti-semitism".

My theory is that the general jewish perception is that they have participated and benefited disproportionately. But most pundits, even the non-jewish ones who realize this and are un-PC enough to attribute blame to other minorities, dare not even mention jewish involvement for fear of the consequences of criticizing the most powerful and favored minority of all.

Perhaps someone here would do those of us in the White soon-to-be-minority who have been disproportionately defrauded the favor of trying to debunk this theory.
To support my assertion of jewish disproportions I direct the reader to look into the matter for themselves. This would involve familiarizing yourself with the concept of disproportion, jewish population statistics, and the rather laborious process of finding and reading wikipedia and NNDB biographical entries of the principals involved. The most common objections are likely to be based on either innumeracy or an inability to discriminate.

These obstacles should not impede Sailer or his disproportionately intelligent commenters. They have already expended great energy researching and arguing statistics concerning "NAM" disproportions. News From The West has started the task, but it's only the very tip of the jewish-disproportion iceberg. If jews are not disproportionately benefiting, then why haven't they been complaining about disproportionately suffering? It's fairly obvious that jews comprise more than 3% of the reality-twisting race hustlers, government officials who legislated that hustle, financiers who built the house of cards on top of it, economists who validated it, bureacrats and advisors negotiating a "fix" for it, and political and market pundits whose words and voices are right now so overwhelmingly shilling in favor of that fix. Are we to believe that jews enjoyed precisely 3% of the loosened lending largesse and 3% of the financial wizardry profits, and stand to receive only 3% of the bailout money and pay only 3% of the taxes that will fund it?

Hypothetically, if a disproportion of blacks and latinos in "the Establishment" had arranged to dole taxpayer money out to a disproportion of black and latino borrowers and then reward disproportionately black and latino financiers for "failing" because of those policies, then I trust intelligent and honest people would notice and discuss it as the ethnically motivated scandal it would be. Is the fact that the actual circumstances involve a jewish minority indirectly disproportionately enriching themselves by first lobbying for and then leveraging the disproportionate enrichment of blacks and latinos really so much harder to understand or accept?

Come now, what's constraining this discussion of minorities and disproportions?

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The WEJs Replacing WASPs Will Not Be Televised

Where the WASPs Aren’t
Posted by Austin Bramwell on September 23, 2008 (original links and emphasis):
The TV show Gossip Girl, now in its second season, chronicles the “scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite"—"elite" meaning private school kids and their families.
In Gossip Girl, rich kids all have names like Waldorf, Archibald, Bass and van der Woodsen. (In keeping with media’s loathing of the Texas Bass family, the villain is named “Chuck Bass.") In reality, however, the families of the old Protestant Establishment make up only a minority of New York’s wealthy elite. They haven’t entirely disappeared; they still host their debutantes balls, the Forbes family still keeps the Social Register afloat, and a handful of institutions (mostly hidden from public view) are still controlled by WASPs. Some WASPs even have substantial fortunes. (Those fortunes, however, are rarely very old; no Knickerbocker family like “van der Woodsen” can afford New York’s social whirl.) But WASPs as a whole just don’t have the numbers, much less the will, to dominate New York society. As Louis Auchincloss gently puts it, they have “lost their monopoly.”

Instead, perhaps a plurality of the rich private school kids in Manhattan—even at historically Protestant schools—are Jewish. The Jewish Daily Forward goes so far as to report that Trinity and Dalton, two of the top private schools in New York, are “largely Jewish.” An entire media industry follows the lavish bar mitzvahs of Manhattan private school kids. The closest real-world model for the high school in Gossip Girl, The Dalton School, has historically been the most recherché school for Jewish New Yorkers. (Most WASPs prefer to send their children to the old single-sex grammar schools.) Tellingly, the media now treat Dalton as the most posh school in Manhattan.

In Gossip Girl, however, Jewish kids don’t even exist, much less predominate. Everything about Gossip Girl is modern, from the drugs to the iphones, except for the sociological background, which the writers may as well have lifted out of the Gilded Age.
The comments exerpted below are even more blunt.
“Gossip Girl” is produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage...("Savage" is also used by the radio personality Michael Weiner)and produced by Bob Levy,Leslie Morgenstein and John Stephens.

Posted by Mega Therion on Sep 23, 2008.
“Never mind Jews took over Manhattan 100 years ago, no one wants to watch a sitcom of them, not even the Jews themselves.

The one US sitcom that ever really offended me was Seinfeld, where WASP women were treated as disposable bags of meat.

Most US sitcoms take the more passive-aggressive approach of making the WASP male characters impotent, like Chandler in ‘Friends’ or, more overtly, the Kyle MacLachlan character in Sex and the City (so his WASP wife leaves him for the virile Jewish lawyer).

I also get the impression, contrary to some posters above, that up until the ‘60s US sitcoms & drama generally showed a positive portrayal of WASPs and the WASP nuclear family, especially heartland WASPs (Leave it to Beaver, Mayberry PD etc).

Nowadays we have stuff like ‘Law & Order’, where the Great WASP Beast is slain every week, over and over again, in a manner renminiscent of pagan ritual. Here it’s the always rich, always ‘old money’ white perpetrator, imprisoned by the heroic crusading non-WASP prosecutors (ironically Sam Neill is the very model of a Scots-WASP, playing an Irish-American ADA).

There’s something quasi-religious about it. I think it’s fascinating that Jewish New York writers seem to feel the need to do this, to eternally re-enact their grandfathers’ victories over the WASP establishment on TV, always dressed up in modern clothing.

I suppose there’s a parrallel with the popularity of Cowboy & Indian films, up until the ‘50s, ever re-enacting America’ victory over a long-dead enemy. In Britain for a long time we did the same with World War 2. The obvious difference though is that the primary market for these ritualised TV tales of Victory-over-the-WASP… is WASPs.

Posted by Simon Newman on Sep 24, 2008.
As the family of one of those ‘faded elite’ I would like to add a few thoughts:
a. there is little or no solidarity or identity among WASPs anymore - the networks of old families and communication simply do not exist.
b. Jews know FULL WELL they are the dominate elite now, and they also had a sense they were wresting power from WASPs and guilt ridden wasps didn’t seem to be a aware of it. You can often see manifestations of when Jews say the wasps ‘gave up without firing a shot’ - well we didn’t know we were in a war -we thought the jews were really upset about discrimination - it turns out they were upset about Jewish discrimination - they had and have no problem discriminating against us.

I openly admit I have bitterness against the new jewish elite not because they dominate but because they NEVER had any intention of being fair -it was all thinly vieled ethnic self interest. (and I emphasis my bitterness is towards the elite not ‘the jews’

Posted by Van Buskirk on Sep 24, 2008.

the new elite and new system still has to ‘pretend’ the old establishment exists. Why? And once people find out who really runs the prep schools, Ivy Leagues and most elite institutions in NYC if not a large part of the US and just how much their ethics have changed, what are the implications? For example, does our support of Israel take on a whole new light? Or our support of the Oligarchs and hostility towards Russia? What about the hostility towards Christmas ornaments? All the sudden it looks a lot more hatred than fairness.

Posted by knickerblogger on Sep 24, 2008.
Van Buskirk:
“Jews know FULL WELL they are the dominate elite now”

They seem nervous about it though. The one US show I see regularly is The Daily Show, so by now I’ve seen dozens of hours of Jon Stewart sitting talking behind that desk, interviewing Bill Kristol, and so on. One can’t help but notice a lot about what Stewart seems to think of himself, his interviewees, his place in the world, and so on. I don’t know exactly how typical he is of the New York Jewish media elite, but from how he’s deferred to I’m guessing he’s not much of an outlier. The main impression I get is nervousness, a kind of “OK, we’re on top NOW, but if THEY ever realise it, who knows what could happen...”

Where the New York WASP elite seems to have been excessively complacent, the New York Jewish elite seems excessively insecure. And their fear is not overtly directed towards any rising group that might one day replace them, but towards the remaining WASPs and especially the non-elite WASP heartlands of ‘flyover country’.

Posted by Simon Newman on Sep 24, 2008.
I’m guessing 1/4 of John “Stewart’s” audience has no clue he is Jewish or that his name is John Stuart Liebowitz. Never underestimate the public’s wits.

Posted by Mega Therion on Sep 24, 2008.
Yes, it took 100 years but the Jewish Supremacists who own and control the USA are CLEARLY ruling America now and turning it into a police state.

The only people who haven’t figured it out yet are the brain dead.

Posted by Bob on Sep 24, 2008.
Bob, I don’t know that I’d phrase it that dramatically - they are clearly the dominate ethnic group in New York and have considerable, disproportionate influence in DC and, imhop, most importantly, in popular culture.

I will say, in my own waspy way, they have utterly failed as custodians and stewards (considering their long brutal history in East europe as buergermeisters , tax collectors and agents of oppressive regimes this should come as no surprise). It think this is deeply culturally ingrained - maybe even genetically- but the high mistrust and hostility towards ‘other’ particular the Christian west, makes them utterly unfit for leadership and trust as a group - individuals are another matter.

Posted by van buskirk on Sep 24, 2008.

One of the things we experience on the West Coast is some resentment in Jewish circles about the fact that only the Anglo-Saxons are allowed an acronym. Jews are insisting that WEJ is the correct acronym for white Jews when WASP is used, simply for equity.

WEJ as we all know stands for White European Jew and is pronounced “wedge” in the same manner that WASP is pronounced as the name of an insect.

It is to be much regretted that Austin Bramwell ignored this element of courtesy and we have to ask ourselves if he might be motivated by a little bias against Jews.

Posted by Sally on Sep 24, 2008.
Interesting post! I’m new here, so I was amused but puzzled by some of the exceptionally silly crypto- (and not-so-crypto-)anti-Semitic comments above. But I think I figured it out!

I’m pretty sure the people making these comments are themselves Jews, trying to discredit WASPs by portraying them as anti-Semitic to the other readers, who are also Jews.

The Jews posting the faux-anti-Semitic comments are, of course, doing it out of a psychological need to simultaneously co-opt and destroy the power that they feel has traditionally been in the hands of mainline Protestant blog commenters.

And the Jew readers of the blog are here as a result of an assimilation neurosis that makes them want to be like WASPs, which they believe entails reading anti-Semitic comments left by “fellow WASPs.”

So, as a Jew myself, I’d just like to say, to commenters and lurkers alike, “Hi guys! See you at the next world domination meeting!”

Posted by JS on Sep 24, 2008.
I think the pattern for Jews in relation to the Wasp governing class is ape, rape and escape. First they ape the Wasps; then they financially, politically and culturally rape them; then they escape them by surpassing them.

We now live in a very dynamic period in which different Jews are at each stage of the ape, rape and escape process.

Posted by Tappir Zapper on Sep 24, 2008.
Commenter JS demonstrates that it is not possible to observe, openly and matter of fact, that jews now dominate New York's upper class without at least one reality-inverting anti-anti-semite showing up to shovel the usual combination of mockery, denial, fear, and effrontery.

Edmund Connelly's Reel Bad WASPs provides an analysis of Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore as further examples of jewish in-your-face culture war grave-dancing - examples which predate Gossip Girls.
Whether big screen or small screen, the message has been the same, as Hollywood insider Ben Stein noted. Writing in 1976 (and updated in book form in 1979), Stein explained how the preponderance of Jewish writers—men who assumed mainstream America hated them, so the writers loathed them in return—meant that a false image of majority Americans was being created:

A national culture is making war upon a way of life that is still powerfully attractive and widely practiced in the same country. . . . Feelings of affection for small towns run deep in America, and small-town life is treasured by millions of people. But in the mass culture of the country, a hatred for the small town is spewed out on television screens and movie screens every day. . . . Television and the movies are America's folk culture, and they have nothing but contempt for the way of life of a very large part of the folk. . . . People are told that their culture is, at its root, sick, violent, and depraved, and this message gives them little confidence in the future of that culture. It also leads them to feel ashamed of their country and to believe that if their society is in decline, it deserves to be.
David Gelernter pointed out in a wonderful essay that “the old elite used to get on fairly well with the country it was set over. Members of the old social upper-crust elite were richer and better educated than the public at large, but approached life on basically the same terms.” The new, heavily Jewish elite is not only different from the non-Jewish masses, in Gelernter words, “it loathes the nation it rules.”
"WASP" rule was legitimate and forthright, so long as it lasted. To a fault they followed their precious principles, shared their power, and their progeny now find themselves marginalized to the point that they cannot or will not prevent their own scapegoating. The "WEJs" in contrast deny they have power. Yet it is only because they do have power and suffer no hesitation in using it that their domination goes unchallenged, even as it visits social and economic upheaval upon the law-abiding, taxpaying disproportionately White "middle class".

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Greatest Ripoff in History

It has been difficult to compose a reaction to the past few weeks worth of economic news. Each time it seems the totality of this monstrous putsch is finally in view yet another grasping tentacle flops out. One inconceivably brazen move has followed another, each pushing farther past precedent and revealing a new, previously unimaginable depth of avarice. The taxpaying cattle have been informed, drip by drip, that we are on the hook for whatever the bankers and their agents in "our" government demand of us. Tens of billions here. Hundreds there. A trillion should fix it. Maybe.

The massive fraud now unfolding demonstrates how financiers hold the real power in this country. Not Bush - nor Obama or McCain after him. And not Congress. The only role for these political figureheads is to point fingers for a while, scream that the sky will fall if they don't act immediately, and finally to join together and rustle the cattle into capitulating to the banker blackmail.

We are witnessing a transfer of wealth unprecedented in size and rate. It is the mother of all liquidity events. The details change on a daily basis, but this much is clear: This is not a constitutional republic. It is not democracy. We live under a plutocracy.

Takuan Seiyo's The Case Of The “Disappeared” Subprime Minority Borrower identifies the most recent roots of this transformation (original links and emphasis):
The financial debacle of a $1.4 trillion pool of subprime mortgages of which at least half are unpayable and 25% are irrecoverable did not start in a political vacuum. For years, the American political Establishment badgered the banking industry about the "racism" implied in its loan portfolio. The denial of mortgage loans to "minorities" at a greater percentage than denial to whites has been deemed a prima facie evidence of racial discrimination.
Finally, with further pushing by different government branches and agencies, mortgage lenders found a solution to inconvenient reality. It was the subprime loan, with sub-viable variations such as "interest-only" and "no-money-down."

No forces were available to combat the American economy's unbalancing by cultural Marxists, socialists, noisy "minority" chieftains and power-hungry opportunists. Instead of leading a counteroffensive, the federal government (mostly under Republicans) pushed toward the fall. And the bankers went along—even though it was their depositors’ capital they were converting to cotton candy.

Banks started dishing out mortgages as though they were consolation prizes for the poorly educated of shaky employability, or achievement awards for the undisciplined and uneducable with no collateral.

Overwhelmingly, these prize-winners have been "people of color."
In trampling on rules of sound banking going back at least to medieval Italy, our financial wizards discovered the eternal quest of alchemy—how to convert lead into gold, for a while at least, before it turns into garbage. Employing PhD's in high mathematics, they diced and mixed financial offal, stuffed it into sausage skins, gave this dubious bologna properly pinstriped labels such as "Mortgage-backed Securities" and "Collateralized Debt Obligations", and sold it off by the slice to equally greedy and heedless financial institutions down the line.
Seiyo's analysis is good so far as it goes. He mentions the other prize-winners, the financial wizards, but fails to note the disproportionate participation of the most noisy, self-interested minority of all - jews. Not only are jews disproportionately represented in the concocting of the financial "innovations" whose astoundingly fraudulent scope is now laid bare, they are also disproportionately represented amongst those who got the ball rolling by demonizing "discrimination", and amongst those negotiating the terms of the ripoff-"bail out", and amongst those being "bailed out", and amongst the 24/7 parade of pundits shamelessly shilling for "bail out" via the disproportionately jewish-owned media.

If our nominal leaders insist on pointing at the disproportion of black and latino home ownership as a problem, then it's only right that they also acknowledge these same groups were disproportionate benefactors of loosened lending practices. And as long as group disproportions are worthy of discussion, let's not forget to notice the "contribution" of the US's most wealthy and favored minority group of all. Jews.

"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men." - Samuel Adams

Sorry Sam. We failed.

UPDATE 26 Sep 2008: One trillion, five trillion, who's counting? According to a Bloomberg analyst:
So now they try to solve the problem by having this credit bubble actually extended and I think the $700 billion will be like a drop in the bucket because the total credit market in the U.S. is something close to $60 trillion, then you have the CDS market – credit default swap – of around $62 trillion. Then you have the whole derivatives worldwide worth about a notional $1,300 trillion. So the $700 billion is really nothing and the Treasury is just giving out this figure when actually the end figure may be $5 trillion.
He also says that last year total Wall Street compensation amounted to $68B, and of that, executive bonuses were $39B.

Tonight Juan and Hussein bickered over $18B in "earmarks" and $300B in tax cuts. Five and a half years of war in Iraq has cost almost $600B. Imagine how the big boys in the $1300T derivatives market (some 100 times the size of the US GDP, or 2000+ Iraqs) must view these trifling amounts. Think how precious their magically-derived pile of funny money is to them and how it would evaporate if middle class taxpayers got the gumption to revolt en masse. Imagine the gold-plated diaper changes even one month's worth of widespread late mortgage payments would cause. The media pundits have been trying to guilt-trip us for being over-leveraged. Seems to me the big boys are far more leveraged than even the most irresponsible Mr and Mrs Sixpack.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Little Known Sarah Palin Facts

Genocidal anti-racists hate Sarah Palin and her daughter for reproducing while White.

But even that old race-traitor Juan McCain appears to grok, deep down, that a White baby, illegitimate or not, fathered by a self-proclaimed redneck or not, is better than no White baby at all. If I could shake Levi's hand I'd say so explicitly, "congratulations son, now marry the girl and make four more".

Steve Sailer writes:
The Blue Whites are alarmed and outraged to be reminded that the Red Whites can afford to outbreed them and are outbreeding them.
Which is true, but doesn't capture the whole picture. A commenter named Mark puts his finger on the problem:
The thought of the Red Whites outbreeding the Blue Whites would give immense satisfaction, if I didn't simultaneously know that the Blue Whites in concert with many Yellow Reds are importing Blue Bronzes and Blue Yellows and Blue Blacks to outbreed even the Red Whites.
This is precisely what's happening.

Some bigots are not happy about who Sarah associates with:
Jewish Democrats have started to hit Sarah Palin hard for her association with former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan
Obama camp connects the dots for Jews: McCain...Palin...Buchanan..."Nazis":
Barack Obama's campaign, perhaps miffed at all the Democrat-is-weak-on-Israel theme, started striking back at John McCain almost as soon as he tapped Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Where the Dems are trying to paint McCain as more financially out of touch with people, they're strongly suggesting that his Christian conservative running mate is no friend to the Jews.

"Palin was a supporter of [MSNBC analyst] Pat Buchanan, a right-winger or as many Jews call him: a Nazi sympathizer,'' Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski wrote in an email.
This is the likely reason Lawrence Auster thinks Palin should withdraw. It certainly makes more sense than the rationale he's currently peddling, which absurdly focuses on Palin's daughter's child. Clearly a politician's support for israel is paramount to Auster. As the ineffective and pathetic nature of his distaste for White reproductive habits plays out look for Auster to fall back on the same six-degrees-of-naziation smears other members of his extended family are already slinging.

Here's my paramount concern. What is Palin's position on immigration? Whether she was choosen to create all this hullabaloo about experience, pregnancy, and glass ceilings intentionally or not the result is that precious little attention is given to the fundamental, existential problem facing indigenous Whites: the invasion of hostile, ethnocentric, and fecund non-whites who want what we have. The media and our treasonous politicians are all very eager not to discuss that.

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