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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Disconnect

I don't often comment at other blogs. I don't write much, and part of the idea behind this blog was to consolidate what little I do. But I was moved today to comment on this article at Vanishing American. It concerns the open betrayal of our country by our politicians and their double-standards on racism. It ends with a question I felt I had some small insight on, having just noted the distorted lens most of us view most of our larger world through (AKA the media) in an article titled It's the Invasion Stupid.

Here is my comment to Vanishing American's question about the disconnect he sees:
Many are aware but silent. They see problems all around them but don't associate them with immigration. Or don't want to be called racist for noticing. Or consider the danger of speaking out to outweigh the value (for themselves).

The disconnect is in the media. Not only do they not report the many ill consequences of immigration, they're constantly telling the public how wonderful it is, and that if you disagree you must be deranged (xenophobic/racist/conspiracist).

I'm a well-educated political independent who pays attention to current events. Yet until 2005 they had me snowed. I just focused on my work and figured if there was a really serious threat the media and govt would discuss and deal with it.

What I didn't account for was the absolute control the leftist-liberal worldview has on our education, media, and politics. They don't think erasing our borders and replacing our population with one from the 3rd world is a "threat". Hell, they're actively planning and implementing it.

That's the disconnect. They're are plenty of people who see the threat. And there are plenty of people who will profit from it. The media tells the former "you're crazy and alone", and tells the latter "you are the new majority".
I also use my blog to gather important links. I recently added several links to smaller blogs focused on the threat of immigration. Among these are Vanishing American, Western Survival, Katie's Dad 2.0, Saber Point, and Old Atlantic Lighthouse.

You might consider some of these nativist or bigoted or racist. At this point I couldn't care less what mindless slurs people throw. More and more I find those derided by our media as "haters" are the ones speaking the truth. Meanwhile they elevate the true haters to saintly status for their religion's "peace" or their ethno-centric "family values" they brought with them when they jumped our border to demand their rights.

Many of the links above came directly or indirectly from reading Lawrence Auster. Unlike our supposedly brave all-knowing watchdog media and our supposedly fair and intelligent politicians Auster actually comes out day after day with truly insightful, brave, logical, independent analysis. His view makes much more sense than the leftist-liberal mindset that currently permeates our popular culture and political thought. He (and the small blogs linked above) regularly point out things that expose our leaders as, at best, ideological hacks lost in muddled thoughts and false pretenses.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wheel of Fortune - Immigration Edition

Would you like to buy a vowel?



Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's the Invasion Stupid

The MSM can't help but report on the downfall of their maverick hero John McCain. After all, they've cheered him on all these years. Now that his campaign has gone kablooey they have a duty to explain why.

Despite the titles of their articles, which promise to unveil the secrets behind the McCain campaign's "meltdown" and "chaos", all you'll find is whitewash. What virtually all the major media stories about McCain have in common is the way they tiptoe around immigration. They minimize McCain's unbridled support for immigration, and they minimize how this might be connected to his fall in popularity. First and foremost they mention his position on Iraq, his "maverick" status, his temper - none of which is news. Then they focus on his finance problems and staff changes. Symptoms, not causes. Buried somewhere near the end they might mention immigration. In an oblique "who knows, this might have something to do with it too" sorta way.

Very odd isn't it? McCain's stand in favor of shamnesty and the citizenry's overwhelmingly opposition to it both come into crystal clear focus just as he morphed from favored front-runner into bankrupt has-been. But for the open border pundits at Time, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Fox News the clear link isn't notable, it is in fact hardly mentionable.

Observe the news carefully, from any mainstream source including Fox, and you can see clear signs of their immigration agenda. There is, for example, a never-ending flow of sob stories and sympathy plays, salted with the occasional hypocritical name calling by ethnocentrists and factually wrong wishful thinking.

We are constantly informed of the terrible conditions the immigrants are fleeing and the terrible suffering that enforcing our laws causes immigrants and their families. We hear repeated assertions that the opponents of immigration are a loud-mouthed minority who want to ship all the undocumented people off to concentration camps.

For more than a year now I've scrutinized the mainstream media for intelligent immigration debate. There isn't any. From the Beltway Boys, to O'Reilly vs Geraldo, to NRO vs the WSJ, the discussion is dominated by open border advocates of various stripes who never acknowledge the costs of immigration and quickly dismiss any suggestion to stop or reduce it as unthinkable or impossible.

Likewise with our pols. The Grand Bargain, negotiated in secret, turned out to be ridiculously lopsided. Even as the public rejected it the Grand Bargainers pulled every trick they knew to limit debate and speed it down our throats.

So far the Republican presidential debates have hardly touched immigration, and the Democrat candidates unanimously favor immigration and so don't discuss it at all. In the past months we've been informed by one pundit after another that it was absolutely critical to do something about immigration, but that if the Grand Bargain failed we wouldn't be able to discuss immigration again until after the next presidential election.

Huh? This is how our media and politicians serve voter interests? The Senate phone system was so overloaded it crashed. How many times has that happened before? By all accounts both sides are intensely interested in debate. Let's have it. Why shouldn't the 2008 presidential election be a referendum on immigration? Why shouldn't we talk about every aspect of immigration from now until 2009?

The main reason is that those who favor immigration know they would lose any honest, factual debate. They have until now provided nothing but irrational arguments based on emotion. Their advocacy for Ladeeenyo interests would be called bigotry if it were instead biased in favor of Americans, and their fervent desires to "diversify" America would be called genocidal if it were perpetrated on any other population.

The media does in fact provide plenty of information about the terrible consequences of immigration for Americans. They mix it in the daily firehose of facts and events, deliberately confusing the perfectly avoidable human disasters with unavoidable acts of nature. Their narrative consistently blames Americans for what are in fact the side effects of immigration. We use too much energy. We're destroying our environment. Schools are failing. Crime and poverty are rising. Bad Americans. Shame on you.

An open and honest debate will reveal our media's lies. We will see immigration's contribution to virtually every problem our society suffers. You can see it now. Just open your eyes.

Housing Foreclosures Jumped 90% in May From Year Ago
By Reuters | 12 Jun 2007
"Certainly not every community nationwide is seeing an increase in foreclosures, but foreclosed properties are becoming more commonplace and adding to the downward pressure on home prices in many areas."
As with most stories covering the mortgage crisis there is no attempt to examine the possible causes. Just a pile of facts.
The default rates in the subprime segment of the U.S. mortgage market, which caters to borrowers with poor credit histories, have jumped in recent months as the housing industry has slowed and prices have fallen.
In English: the problem originates in the risky, low end of the market, i.e. mostly poor overextended borrowers.
California documented one foreclosure filing for every 308 households, which as more than twice the the national average.

Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Indiana and Connecticut were some of the other states with foreclosures rates ranking among the nation's 10 highest in May.

The cities with the nation's top three metropolitan foreclosure rates were all located in California, and three other California cities also documented foreclosure rates among the top 10.
Strange coincidence. All these places have also been flooded with poor immigrants. Do you suppose the thus-far thwarted amnesty dreams of overextended invaders and the evaporating property values of overextended invadees might explain many of the subprime foreclosures?

Furious rates of home building and moving are signs of a booming economy, aren't they? Well wouldn't that depend on how much arises from white flight? One of the biggest reasons we supposedly need a constant influx of cheap unskilled labor is for construction, particularly home construction. It's a circular argument. What fraction of our economy is simply the churn created by immigration?

America has all sorts of problems whose root cause is too many people: jail crowding, teacher shortages, police shortages, traffic congestion, hospital closings, et cetera, ad nauseum. Virtually none of the articles you'll find in these news searches ever mentions how these problems are caused or exacerbated by permitting millions of indigent uneducated immigrants to flood into this country every year.

One very predictable consequence of all the crowding and poverty is strife.

Violent Crime Blazing Back in America
James Fox, a professor at Northeastern University, said part of the problem is that "gangs have made a comeback, and they are particularly well organized."
Are the Lords of Flatbush back? Well no, the professor is probably talking about MS-13 and the Mexican Mafia. Conveniently the article doesn't say.
"For years it has been very frustrating for those citizens and to the police when you hear all the press and media relations saying things are better, things are safer, and yet you have citizens still afraid to go to the grocery store," Officer Kristopher Baumann, chairman of the Fraternal Order of the D.C. Police Labor Committee, told ABC News.

The new crime figures come as "no surprise to police on the beat or to citizens in dangerous neighborhoods," Baumann said.
It is a big surprise to anyone who thinks white flight happens when racist whites flee (at great expense) perfectly harmless immigrants and their perfectly harmless gangs.
Attorney General Gonzales said there is only so much the federal government can do in fighting crime.

"We know that community-specific problems cannot successfully be tackled nationally," he said, "because crime issues vary from city to city, and even between neighborhoods in a single city."
We might try building the fence and deporting the criminals. It wouldn't be community-specific, but it would probably be pretty effective. Who can tell, the article doesn't really say the rise in violence has anything to do with immigration, so maybe it's just the xenophobe in me that imagines these things.

See how wonderful immigration is? The luckiest of us get to move to "nice places" with "good schools" and "friendly people". Aren't we privileged? What happened to the old neighborhood? Don't ask.

UPDATE 21 Jul 2007: Not every news source is coy about immigration. Here's something to think about the next time the media lays on a guilt-trip about America's broken health care system:

No health insurance? You're probably illegal
"We have a terrible, absolutely vicious, law called EMTALA: the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which is really the culprit that requires every emergency room, and every physician of an emergency room, to treat illegal aliens for free," she said.

Cosman said 84 hospitals in California have been forced to close because of the high cost of treating illegal aliens with only 50 percent of all treatments reimbursed by government.

"Even physicians in those emergency rooms don't fully get the point that by being compassionate, and generous, and gracious, they are, in essence, destroying their own livelihoods as well as their own hospitals," she said.

While politicians often mention there are 43 million without health insurance in this country, Cosman's report estimates that at least 25 percent of those are illegal immigrants. The figure could be as high as 50 percent.

Not being insured does not mean they don't get medical care.
Keep this in mind if you're unfortunate enough to see Michael Moore's "funniest movie yet", his crockumentary Sicko.

Free heath care? The illegals call their system No Hablo. Guess who pays the bills?

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Senate Bill Dies, But Not the Lies

It's now obvious that the majority of American people, when asked directly and reported honestly, do not favor any form of amnesty for illegal aliens and in fact favor rounding them up and sending them home.

The problem has always been that we are not asked directly and the subject is not reported honestly. If for example our media reported on immigration the way it reports on Iraq - constantly questioning the premises and goals, always downplaying the positive news and emphasizing the negative - we would be much more aware just how disastrous the last four decades of immigration have been for the United States. The disaster would in fact never have been permitted to unfold.

Instead we have Big Liars like Ted Kennedy ("First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. ... Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset") and John McCain ("I think the fence is least effective. But I'll build the goddamned fence if they want it.") crafting our immigration policy, and a president responsible for enforcing our nation's borders and defending its citizens who thinks of himself as El Presidente and openly sides with the invaders instead. For this the big media lionize them. They are our great statesmen. Brave heroes.

The trouble for our treasonous and aloof elites is that despite their non-stop propaganda, constantly instructing us yokels how wonderful and enriching immigration is, the yokels are now very quickly waking up to reality. The reality that immigration has been a disaster.

All you have to do is look around. There are foreigners everywhere. Far too many who do not share our customs, traditions, values, or language and show no interest in starting. They've come here only to grab for themselves whatever they can get. The media has browbeaten Americans for decades to convince them not to reproduce, to ignore superficial differences like race, forget their families, abandon their silly religions, and shed their belligerent national loyalties - and no surprise, it has mostly worked.

Now here come the immigrants. With their giant broods and a shameless loyalty to their kin, their ethnicity, their faith (and ummah), and the nation they left behind. They care not one wit for America or the fat lazy stupid gringo-infidels who only by dumb luck and the sins of their fathers happen to inhabit it. They ignore our laws, evade our taxes, and demand rights exceeding our own. They claim they do all the work and constantly decry their supposed victimization and exploitation.

The reality of course is precisely the opposite. With regard to either work, money, or violence it's the native Americans being victimized and exploited.

"You stole this land, we're stealing it back, and there's nothing you can do about it Pilgrim."

Ladeeenyo mobs take over our city streets several times a year now, barely suppressing their primal urge to riot and loot. When legal Americans demonstrate in support of the law, within the law, they are harassed and threatened by those same unruly Ladeeenyos. El Presidente tells us they share our family values. Crime and education statistics tell a different story.

Any guero who's rubbed elbows with Ladeeenyos since the Senate bill died can sense the tension, see their glowering eyes, feel their smoldering resentment. My city's streets are full of "undocumented workers" pushing baby carriages with two or three "undocumented workers" toddling along behind. Aren't they concerned about their carbon footprint? Shouldn't these "workers" be, you know, working?

Likewise too many Muslims come here and then complain incessantly. Foot washing basins. Pork products. Hallucinations of discrimination. Let's be honest. All of them, the so-called moderates included, won't be happy until everyone is in pajamas on their knees praying toward Mecca five times a day. They differ only in the means and schedule for achieving that goal. Ask them. You'll find them either so confident they freely admit it, or trying to evade your questions with transparent lies (eg. "Sharia? What's that?" or "The roots of Islamist grievances are economic, starting with the injustices of colonialism" or "There shall be no compulsion in religion").

The most impatient Muslims hatch attacks even more frequently than the Ladeeenyos march. After 9/11, Fort Dix, and JFK who can believe that our immigration problems are all about the Ladeeenyos or cheap labor? After the jihadi doctor attacks in Britain what infidel can now help but wonder about the more insidious damage Muslim infiltrators might wreak?

These aliens aren't hiding in the shadows. They walk freely among us celebrating their rise, scheming our fall. They know they have friends in high places seeing to their rights, pursuing their interests. They're disappointed amnesty has failed for now, but they know time is on their side. Soon enough the fat lazy stupid Americans will get their comeuppance.

"Gimme gimme gimme, and don't get any ideas about defending yourself gringo-infidel racist fascist!"

It's a testimony to the mind-numbing power of modern propaganda that things have had to go this far before enough people stopped believing the happy talk and started believing what they could see and hear for themselves. The Senate's move was so brazen and so dishonest it boggles the mind to think that it only barely failed. They'll regroup, and they'll be back to try again.

And still many remain asleep. Busy busy busy with noses to the grindstone, they trust their government is working hard to protect them. To keep them that way our elites, previously much more subtle, have become desperate. Their stupifying message is now spelled out directly: If you oppose immigration or Islam you are a filthy racist. A criminal. The real threat, we are told, is white supremacist-driven nationalism. If we don't ban their radio shows and silence their hate blogs they'll form a Gestapo, load all the brown people and Muslims into railcars, and ship them off to concentration camps.

Riiiiiiight. Nobody I know has any such fantasies. But the nightmare that our homes and families will be trapped in a violent, intolerant Aztlan is slowly, surely becoming a reality. And if that doesn't come to pass being trapped in an even more violent, less tolerant Caliphate is not that much farther off.

This is the great gift of immigration, multi-culturalism, and diversity? No thanks. Take it back. Now. We don't want it.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best Worst President Awards

Best Ladeeenyo president: W.
Best Pali/Nork president: Jimmuh.
Worst US president: Tie.

Redeploy US troops out of Iraq. Straight to the Mexican border!

What's holding up the impeachment? If we keep Bush on the run he'll be too busy to plan any more attacks on the US.

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