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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waking Up To Z Revolution

Here are samples of some more or less popular mainstream conservative pundits and their audiences, many of them loyal and long-time Bush supporters, who are just beginning to realize how completely our country has been betrayed. Their cognitive dissonance is palpable, though many have yet to accept the full extent to which their worldviews have been shaken.

Audio: Laura Ingraham unleashes on the amnesty bill

Linda Chavez: If you’re against open borders, you might be a Nazi

Paul Gigot & WSJ Editorial Board: The Right Is "Not Even Rational" Anymore On Amnesty Bill, Motivated By Anger, Hate, And Bigotry

Shut Up, Shrubya

What is Amnesty?

In that last link, after noting just how absurd the pro-amnesty open-border lies have become, Rich Lowery asks:
How stupid do these people think we are?
The answer is: very stupid. And I have to agree. What they know is that the good and righteous people of the law-and-order variety can be distracted indefinitely with the right mix of "you're a raaaaaaacist" shaming and pseudo-intellectual theatrics.

Many of these pundits never cared much about immigration. They can't see the effects, or have friends they don't want to upset. They're fond of saying they're "pro-immigrant" and only oppose the illegal variety. They're displeased at having to discuss the subject, and look forward to returning to the partisan snark they're so much more comfortable with.

They have yet to fully absorb the implications of current events. POOF! It's legal. Now what's your argument racist? What part of usurpation don't you understand?
Some legislators had also mentioned to us (oftentimes laughing) how they had "defanged" or "gutted" anti-immigration bills and measures, by neglecting to fund this program or tabling that provision, or deleting the other measure, etc. "Yes, we passed that law, but it can’t work because we also..." was a usual comment to assuage the Mexican delegations.
The Founding Fathers also prescribed a cure for usurpation. Hopefully the American people will not apply it so literally, for the sake of those legislators.
Consider me thoroughly radicalized.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The United Shitholes of America

Bush Attacks Immigration Deal Opponents
GLYNCO, Ga. (AP) - President Bush attacked opponents of an immigration deal Tuesday, suggesting they "don't want to do what's right for America."

"The fundamental question is, will elected officials have the courage necessary to put a comprehensive immigration plan in place," Bush said against a backdrop of a huge American flag.

He described his proposal—which has been agreed to by a bipartisan group of senators—as one that "makes it more likely we can enforce our border—and at the same time uphold the great immigrant tradition of the United States of America."
No. The fundamental question is: why has our government for so long done such a poor job enforcing our borders? Followed by the second most fundamental question: why would anyone but an idiot or liar ignore that truly fundamental question? Followed by: why, after very similar promises to "enforce the border" have been made and broken over and over and over again, would anyone but an idiot/liar ever make such arguments again?
"Those determined to find fault with this bill will always be able to look at a narrow slice of it and find something they don't like," the president said. "If you want to kill the bill, if you don't want to do what's right for America, you can pick one little aspect out of it.

"You can use it to frighten people," Bush said. "Or you can show leadership and solve this problem once and for all."

The bill would give temporary legal status to millions of unlawful immigrants, provided they came forward, paid a fine and underwent criminal background checks. To apply for a green card, they would have to pay another fine, learn English, return to their home country and wait in line.
I for one find the entire premise of the bill flawed, not some little details.

What good are new laws when existing laws go unenforced? What good are "requirements" that nobody but idiots or liars would say will actually be followed? Why would anyone but an idiot want to become a citizen when it affords no additional rights and only more responsibilities? And finally, how can a nation full of wealthy well-educated people improve itself by absorbing millions of the world's poorest, least educated people?

Who doesn't think the millions of irredentist losers this country has already absorbed are something to be frightened of? Who isn't frightened at the prospect of absorbing millions more sure to come once they get the good news that we think we have no right to refuse them? What part of any of this makes any sense?

In the "America" I used to fantasize existed the president would have recognized that the "right thing" would be to fearlessly advocate for and protect the interests of his country and its lawful residents. He would denounce subversives who put their ethnicity above the law and eject them from government. He would confront rogues who offer sanctuary to invaders. He would root out and expel the invaders.

The "America" Bush represents is obviously totally different.

He's right about one thing. The Senate plan will "solve this problem once and for all". By obliterating any remnant of the old fantasy America. Then, maybe, he and his friends can finally admit out loud that their America doesn't really have any borders. Or immigration laws. Or citizens. You see, our all-powerful overlords no longer need the antiquated notions of the nation-state. All they require are workers who will migrate and serve wherever the overlords require them.

America is dead. Welcome to Zamerica.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The New Z-ality

It's been a disturbing week. Civilization's swift decline has definitely sped up. The Phoney War is almost over. Sorry to be so negative. I'm trying very hard to be realistic, not pessimistic. The implications of what we've learned this week are astounding. And I think we can count on it getting worse.

There is bad news from all jihad fronts. The slow-bleed whack-a-shaheed grinds on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Toward what end? I once hoped democracy, with a little help, could be uncorked in the heart of the Middle East. Now with thousands of valuable lives shattered and trillions of dollars spent there is still no end in sight. Not in this direction.

I don't buy the Bush Doctrine any more. The majority of Iraqis do not crave liberty and democracy. Not as we Americans think of it. This Vast Majority Big Lie is just as wrong as the Tiny Minority Big Lie. It goes beyond wishful thinking. It is deliberate disinformation.

Democracy is moot whereever sharia takes root. Because sharia eats democracy. It thrives on civil liberties and pluralism more than it ever could under the Islamic world's autocratic norm. Our trendy "anything goes" style of democracy, our Age of Treason, is especially fertile ground for jihad.

Even if this were not true, the Wilsonian premise is certainly false. I'm ashamed to have ever believed it. How can Americans give what they themselves don't possess? Our best and brightest patriots are dying to bestow "liberty" and "democracy" while at home these idealistic notions have been revealed as little more than illusion.

Separationism sounds saner than trying to win more false friends. It's just unlikely separationism ever come to pass. Take for example the damage we knowingly do ourselves with our addiction to oil. Our own money builds more mosques and madrassas to produce more anti-civilization hatred. In spite of this knowledge our dependence on oil only grows.

The cultural jihad also grinds on. Foot washing basins, prayer rooms, and constant calls for more favors. They've plugged right into the booming Western grievance industry. At the same time, by odd coincidence, our own hard-core atheists and church/state separationists are also on the offensive. Not surprisingly, conspicously little of their criticism is aimed at Islam.

The demographic jihad news is worst of all. Europe is lost. France is sinking, with the Netherlands, England, Norway, and the rest not far behind. The EU is run by an invisible, unelected elite. Even if the majority of Europeans wanted to do something they can't. Short of revolution their ruling class simply cannot be reached. Thus the no-go zones where sharia already rules today will only grow. The remaining native Europeans will at some point find themselves beseiged and terrorized in ever-shrinking enclaves. Revolution is coming to Europe. An Islamic revolution.

In America our intelligence bureaucrats continue to leak secrets. Major networks pass these secrets on and give Islamist double-talkers like Ahmed Younis a prime time soap box. In the wake of every Islamic terror story they demand apologies for bigoted backlashes that never come and voice sympathy for the "powerless" Muslims who see no other means to express themselves than blowing up innocent people. As with every other Big Lie, the less justified their cries for sympathy the louder they shout. Is anyone else fed up with this yet? Not our TV people. They're bringing "diversity" to the "debate".

The immigration "debate" is even more critical than the jihad. Immigration subsumes the jihad. Obviously we're doomed if we allow jihadis to walk amongst us. How many more Fort Dixes do we need before this is clear? Our irrational immigration policies toward Muslims guarantee more "homegrown" mayhem.

As scary and inevitable as a Jericho-like al Qaeda attack is, we have a more immediate problem. The Ladeeenyo invasion. Their threat isn't radioactive (yet) but what they bring is just as toxic to our health, wealth, and pursuit of happiness. Mobs marching in the streets? That's how French and Mexican politics "work". You don't have to be a racist to want no part of it.

Latin America has for centuries been a social, economic, and political shithole. Extreme gaps between rich and poor. No respect for the rule of law. Cronyism, nepotism, payola - it's ingrained in their minds. Top to bottom, rich and poor. What we know now is that the US will shortly become this kind of shithole banana republic too. By design.

Why would anybody want that? Three main reasons, in order of importance:

#1 - Business/economic interests. Businesses and the upper classes are addicted to their servants. They're more loyal to their economy than they are to any nation. But they do feel a bit guilty. The new z-ality is a sop for their faithful servants. It also secures an enormous servant-labor market forever. Or at least until next quarter. They don't really think much beyond that.

#2 - Ladeeenyo interests. Irredentist La Racists. More and more of their fifth columnists are hopping out of the Trojan horse every day.

#3 - Leftist interests. Prying away at the foundations of civilization is dirty work. There's no end to the uses of useful idiots.

To ram through a law with only 26% of the public in support illustrates just how absurdly disproportionate business' influence has become. Yet this revolution, this usurpation, goes virtually unreported by the media. They are complicit. The revolution is not being televised.

The system we live under isn't democracy. It isn't a constitutional republic. Our government, their elections, their laws, the "watchdog" media - it's nothing but lies.

"It's so easy to criticize, why don't you propose an alternative?"

"We can't just deport them all! What would that do to our economy?"

"It's not amnesty, they have to pay fines!"

Isn't it shocking that there are so many people - people with advanced educations and high paying jobs in positions of authority and responsibility - that can repeat such ignorant and/or duplicitous drivel? It's a waste of time to argue with them. It's clear now that anyone making these arguments has no intention of enforcing any immigration laws or ever deporting anyone. Quite the contrary. They think whoever wants to come to the US should be welcome to do so. And if our new zitizen "workers" want to bring their families with them, and live with five other families in a house built for one, that's ok. Things like building codes, occupancy codes, sewer codes, and parking codes only apply to Pilgrims. If the zitizens want to run prostitution slavery rings out of their house, that's ok too. They've got sanctuary. No zitizen is illegal - even when they commit crimes.

In the face of all this the pols sit in Washington debating how much of the country to give away and how fast. It is treason. Has everyone in government forgotten their duty, their oaths, their honor? Have these words, as well as our laws, lost all meaning? Any true and decent American would walk away from this "debate" in disgust. There is nothing to negotiate with traitors.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If Only the US Were a Democracy

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw the Drudge headline above and thought, gee, what would it be like to live in a country whose president does what his citizens want rather than what foreigners want?
Et viola!

Update: At flippityflopitty's request...

Har har.

Tiny Minority Big Lie


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Citizen Zitizen

n. A person with all the rights of a citizen, but none of the responsibilities.

The United States of America died last Thursday when the Senate announced that they had finally settled on a bipartisan "comprehensive immigration reform" deal. The death was confirmed yesterday when Senators tried to smother debate and rush the bill into law before anyone (other than the few who negotiated it in secret) has any real chance of understanding the details.

The unraveling began decades ago and by inertia alone the shattered remains of our constitutional republic bureaucracy will surely shuffle on for years yet. But at this moment in history the veil has been lifted. It is now crystal clear that our nation faces an irreconcilable divide.

On one side we have US citizens and legal immigrants who play by the rules, respect the law, and believe it should apply to everyone equally.

Of these people we expect ever more scrupulous obediance to the most nitpickety micromanaging of their lives by a nanny state on steroids. They are guilty until proven innocent if they don't pay their taxes and scurry in fear that their car might be emitting too much pollution or that they haven't filled out the proper bureaucratic paperwork for the doghouse in their backyard. And if these hapless plebs should utter any concern whatsoever that their wealth, health, or future is at risk they must realize that it will only reveal them as nothing more than the greedy racist xenophobic fascist bigots everybody always suspected they were.

On the other side are invaders aided by a sizable fifth column who have conferred upon themselves absolute moral authority.

From this perch they produce a never-ending stream of threats of social disruption, vapid excuses for their brazen lawlessness, and ever more ridiculous demands for special treatment for "their people". You know, the people the bigots are all out to get. They are too poor and uneducated for the rigors of law to be so brutally forced upon them, after all they were here first and built everything. Their vaunted work ethic and family values exempt them from the silly rules, documents, and fines only lesser people like citizens must concern themselves with.

We have known for decades that portions of our government were compromised by such mental illness. We knew the compromise was deep when we saw our borders go undefended for years and "sanctuaries" began springing up everywhere.

Now fifth columnists with college educations and suits openly proclaim loyalty to their ethnic group over the law. Now invaders walk our streets proudly displaying their allegience to foreign states and go unmolested by the police. Now citizens and low-level authorities who speak out or act in defense of their country are vilified, sued, and harassed.

Leaders at the highest levels of our government have spelled out their betrayal. So eager are they to rush their invasion-friendly shamnesty into effect that they've dropped all pretense of fairness or reason and shoved aside any loyalty to the citizens whose interests they've sworn to protect and defend. They've revealed themselves instead to be shamelessly aligned with the invaders!

Under such conditions no nation can continue.

Killing this bill will not help, no matter how quick or resounding its defeat. The message has already been sent. Through sheer repetition the media will establish this as a "compromise" from the "center". Opposition will be rebuffed as reactionary and extremist.

There is no need and there was probably no intent for the "comprehensive compromise" to ever become law. The ACLU, funded by our own tax dollars, has and will continue to sabotage any enforcement of any law. And the ladeeenyos know the status quo is in their favor. Every year their numbers balloon and the dim chance the rest of us will recognize and repell the invasion grows ever dimmer.

There is at this point only one hope.

Our government must declare a deadline before which illegal aliens will be permitted to leave peaceably. Aid of any but the most basic life-preserving sort will be cut off. Businesses caught employing them will have their licenses terminated. To enforce this will require martial law, a nationwide mobilization of the National Guard, and the deputization of many citizens. We will need to go block by block, house by house, business by business.

The illegal aliens who will not leave and cannot be deported, because we don't know where they came from or their country won't take them back, will then have to be confined. Somewhere along the Mexican border would be fitting. Mexico has always been delighted to dump their raw sewage and unwanted people on the US, it's only fitting we should repay their favor by storing our hazardous human waste close to them.

This is of course nothing but a law-abiding citizen's fantasy - even if the invaders didn't have a supporter in the White House. The infiltration is too deep, the disease too advanced.

What's clear now is that our entire country will instead continue a now inexorably slide toward the kind of lawless violent impoverished shithole Latin America and Los Angeles already are. The United States will decompose and die, while our moral and intellectual superiors will continue to tell us to stop whining and get busy celebrating our diversity.

The lies and excuses and betrayal will continue. The mainstream media aids and abet the invaders by ignoring scandals and pumping out sympathetic spin. They lecture us constantly about our country's many ills but they never mention, much less investigate, the large "contribution" made by the invaders. They'd much rather lionize them.

Consult instead Mickey Kaus, Lawrence Auster, Lonewacko, Steve Sailer, Michelle Malkin, and VDARE for frank reports and analysis concerning the many flaws and contradictions of the bloody multicultural balkanization the hijackers have sent our once great country speeding toward.


Update: Mark Steyn on the benefits zitizenship. Hmmm. Will zitizens share the pleasures of jury duty? What do we do if they refuse? Take away their Z and give them a ZZ?

Sorry, I can't help myself: George Borjas calls it a sham, Thomas Sowell calls it a fraud. I believe it rises to the level men once had the sense to recognize as treason.

Just for giggles: I went over to truthout to see what the leftists have to say. They're all worked up about Alberto. Not much on immigration. They linked a NYTimes op-ed that concluded like this:
It is painful, for many reasons, to oppose this immigration deal. It is no comfort to watch as this generation's Know-Nothings bray against "amnesty" from their anchor chairs and campaign lecterns, knowing that it gives hope to the people they hate.

It is especially difficult because lives are in the balance. The millions without documents live in constant fear: a campaign of federal raids has spread panic and shattered families. Congress's dithering has encouraged the rise of homegrown zealots: mayors, police departments, county executives and legislators who take reform into their own hands, with cruelly punitive measures. No amount of hostile legislation is going to drive the immigrants away. A collapsed immigration deal could put off reform for years, and encourage more of this cruelty.

It is the nation's duty to welcome immigrants, to treat them decently and give them the opportunity to assimilate. But if it does so according to the outlines of the deal being debated this week, the change will come at too high a price: The radical repudiation of generations of immigration policy, the weakening of families and the creation of a system of modern peonage within our borders.
I hate to bray, but look at who they identify as the enemy. "Know-Nothings" like me, whose kids are learning Spanish by immersion and whose property in Atzlan is now virtually certain to become worthless. And "homegrown zealots" who aim "cruelly punitive measures" to "shatter families". Would it be fair to characterize this as treasonous hyperbole? I think so.

It is most certainly not this nation's duty to welcome anyone. And we most certainly can drive the invaders away if we ever put any effort whatsoever toward that goal. If the Times editors consider it their duty to welcome with open arms anyone who wanders into their homes that's fine with me. It isn't fine that they try to hang the bill for their nation-busting largesse on all the rest of us. The leftists, as usual, have already wet their pants. And nobody with a national voice has even suggested martial law or mobilizing the Guard yet. That would be extreme. That would be worth wetting your pants about. I already have. But it's either that now, or a much bloodier civil war and ethnic cleansing (with "Pilgrims" getting scrubbed) not too far down the road.

Such is the nature of the divide on immigration. The other side has no intention of even trying to encourage the invaders to leave, much less forcing them. People without documents living in fear? What a load of liberal guilt-trip horseshit. They should try being a law-abiding citizen surrounded an ever growing number of eyes smoldering with a mix of militant reconquista hatred and La Raza pride. They're staring at us, Pilgrim.

Is it worth mentioning our jihadi-zitizen problem? Or will the ladeeenyos and their NYT shills be jealous if our immigration concerns extend to anyone other than them?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Goodbye Jericho, Hello Truthiness

Now that Jericho has been cancelled we'll never find out exactly which corporate white supremacist group it was that nuked America. Damn.

Upstanding left-leaning Americans say "good riddance". They avoided the show in droves.

Who wants to contemplate a post-apocalyptic future when you can instead focus on the positive and uplifting vision of Al Gore?

And when it comes to TV we're much better served by the fearless, gut-wrenching reporting of Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert.

These savvy newsmen and their wise viewers know there's no need to imagine an apocalyptic future. We're living an apocalyse right now under the money-loving, corporation-protecting, power-abusing, wire-tapping, war-mongering, gulag-building, torture-loving, environment-destroying, gay-bashing, Bible-thumping, race-dividing, jihadi-recruiting, immigrant-raiding, Constitution-ignoring Bush administration.

They should cancel 24 and The Unit too. We don't need to know which corporate white supremacist groups they answer to either.