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Sunday, August 20, 2006

See No Evil

Two more pieces from Heimchen. The first he describes like so:
The attached piece, while not particularly well written, nonetheless shows more evidence of growing concern re the Islamic threat. Curiously, it addresses this threat in England - not a word about Germany or the universality of the threat. Nor is there a hint of what to do about it. Which, of course speaks of the fear of a real confrontation. The sentiment was expressed by X a couple of years ago in a discussion I had with him in Berlin. I broached the subject of possible help for America by Germany in the war on terror. His statement was, we (the Germans) try to lay low in hopes that we can keep from getting involved.

I feel that Europe will eventually have to join us. Sadly, however, this will only occur when Muslim audacity and terrorism will reach a level where there is no longer a choice and public outcry will force their governments' hand. This may take a while as the attitude of appeasement and the denial that comes from fear of confrontation will be in the way of action for some time to come.
The original is here. His translation:
The following is a piece gleaned from the Berlin daily "DER TAGESSPIEGEL" from 8/11/06.

Terror in London
Return of the Evil People

By Moritz Schuller

In the USA the first Hollywood film about the 9/11 has just hit the theaters. In London the police, by their own account, has thwarted a "mass murder of unimaginable dimensions". There is no time for cultural reconciliation; the terror continues. It is reality. It is not even clear yet whether this latest suicide attempt has been prevented or merely delayed.

That is was aimed at England is hardly a surprise. Only a few months ago Muslims marched through London, carrying posters that proclaimed "Europe is a cancerous ulcer and Islam is the cure", and "To hell with Freedom". A veiled woman predicted "The real Holocaust" for Europe. It is a good bet that the 24 suspects caught in Birmingham and London had enthusiastically taken part in that demonstration.

The British minister of the interior, somewhat awkwardly, talks about "very evil people", while at the same time not daring to mention their ethnic-religious identity. As successful as the police work in this case may have been, should the perpetrators - like the ones from of the subway bombings of a year ago - come from the middle class, there would be important reasons to questions the British politics appeasement towards its militant Islamic Minority. After all, how much more clearly can its goals be stated than at the demonstrations last February.

Because whoever believes that such radical demonstrators may be placated by the construction of a splendid mosque in Kiez, or as is now shockingly open debated, by the abolition of the state of Israel, is simply naive. Their political goal is nothing less than an Islamic Europe. The historical hurt for them is not Israel. It is Al Andalus, the Spanish region from which the Muslims had been ejected many centuries ago.

In the five years between New York and London, the Islamic threat has been dealt with in ways that differ much in London and New York. But the threat has gone away neither through war nor reconciliation and not even through the fight against the core of Al Qaeda. In fact, Jihad has - which may be clearly observed in England - developed into a sort of fashion phenomenon amongst Islamic youths. Thus the conflict does not go away but rather it is escalating, despite the many attempts at a solution.

Even if the violent attempts may be prevented it cannot be denied that they affect our freedom. If the perpetrators really intended to use liquid explosives, the threat would have taken on an entirely new dimension. The massive effects on air travel - already a reality - would have to become permanent: No carry-on baggage, no fluids into the aircraft. A snowstorm or a pilot strike might have caused similar chaos at the London Airport. And the humiliation - to use a term from the culture wars - that comes with eating the baby formula at the security gate to prove that it is not dangerous - is something we will have to live with. It will, however, be a life in which the threat can only be checked but never totally removed. The model for such a way of life - not surprisingly - may be observed in Israel.
Next comes an essay of his own:
August 15, 2006


Yesterday, on the occasion of the Mid-eastern cease fire, President Bush went public claiming victory for Israel, while similarly, Mullah Nasrallah claimed the same for Hesbollah. Sadly, the mullah was right. While Israel probably killed more terrorists than Hesbollah killed Israelis, we need to consider the fact that this does not count as a tragedy to Islamo-fascists because they love death as their leaders have convinced them that dying for Islam in the fight against the hated infidel transports them straight to heaven. More importantly, anything but total victory and disarmament of Hesbollah cannot count as a victory for Israel. All it will serve is the prolongation of the bloody fight that this small country has had to wage against terrorism since its inception in 1949. The UN sponsored cease-fire, endorsed by western powers including the US, will only prolong the agony. To top it all off, UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has been appointed overseer of the cease fire and has not wasted any time before firing off a letter of warning to Jerusalem, saying that Israel better not respond with any force to provocations from Hesbollah. The later, as if to thumb its nose at Israel, has already launched a few rockets at Israelis, albeit without much effect.

The circumspect observer, watching terrorism and the march of radical Islam virtually across the globe, as well as the outright proclamations and threats against western civilization in countries, particularly in Europe, finds himself appalled at the continuing attitude of appeasement that pervades politics and the media in the western world. What is it those folks do not see? Or do they not want to see it? How many Terror attacks have to happen, how many have to be thwarted at the last minute before the awful truth sinks in? How many Muslims have to march through the streets of western capitals, calling for the conquest of the western world by Islam before the it wakes up to the clear and present danger we face?

One does not have to be an accredited historian to see the eerie parallels between the present time and 1936, when Nazi Germany was getting ready to conquer the world. Then too, the forces of appeasement were pretending that everything was fine and there was no cause for concern. The result of allowing Hitler to continue on his path of rearming Germany and preparing for war was the death of 6 million Jews and 9 million civilians in Russia alone.

WW-2 raged for 6 years and caused untold casualties and destruction. But the threat of Islamic dominance is vastly more serious. The enemy is not a nation or group of nations but a fanatical religious faction that pervades most of the world, operates surreptitiously from a shadow world and places as little value on the life of its fighters as it does the enemy. Iran is emerging as the string puller behind Jihad. Ahmandinejad, its nut-case leader is openly promising destruction of Israel. Are we going to wait till they get their hands on THE BOMB?
Only a handful of people I know recognize the threat. The rest frown and change the subject when Islam comes up. It's not only that they don't know what's going on. They don't want to know.


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