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Monday, January 09, 2006

Yet Another Grim Milestone

"This brings to 2000 the number of American soldiers kill in Iraq."

Celebrating the 2000th American Death in the Iraq War
I decided to check out the AFSC's "Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar" event in San Francisco to settle the dispute. Would the rally be a somber and respectful memorial to our troops -- or a fun and exciting "death party"?

You decide.
Recall the hoopla around the "grim milestones" of 1000 and 2000 American dead in Iraq? Is there any doubt there will be more hoopla for 3000? Will we ever see some hoopla over the ongoing assault by Islamists against civilization? At this moment the count of deadly attacks carried out by Islamists since 9/11 as kept by TheReligionofPeace stands at 3999. In the first week of January 2006 they note 40 attacks, with 268 dead and 407 critically injured. In all of December 2005 they account for 127 attacks, 490 dead and 778 injured. Is it any more morbid or gauche to note this than it is to constantly mention the US military's accumulated dead in Iraq?

Why are we fighting? Why are Americans dying 4+ years after 9/11? It's hard to tell based on what we hear from the mainstream media. Rather than reporting each attack around the world - Madrid, London, Bali (twice), and all the smaller events - as if they were totally unrelated, as if they had nothing whatsoever in common, wouldn't it be refreshing to hear them say or write, just once "this brings to 4000 the number of Islamist attacks since 9/11"?


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