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Saturday, June 28, 2008

How Does Racism Harm Whites

I encountered this question several days ago on a blog called Resist racism:
I asked this question once in a seminar full of white people. Got no answers. Have you got one?
I read the responses and noticed that none addressed what seemed to me the most obvious answer. So I left the following comment:
How does "racism" harm Whites? Isn't it obvious? It's a weapon specifically crafted and primarily used against Whites! You didn't get an answer at your seminar because most Whites fear that saying as much will cost them their employment and/or social standing. To be White and to complain about racism only gets you accused of racism. Duh. Was it a "diversity" seminar? Double duh.

The idea of racism, especially the version promoted by "anti-racists", is actually anti-Whitism, as this blog and so many of the comments here confirm. The obvious harm to Whites is that the oh so politically correct scapegoating and verbal hatred eventually seeps into some of the weaker minds, creating a depraved and dehumanized image of Whites that justifies outright discrimination and assault.

Consider item 4 in Kim's comment above from October 29, 2007 at 1:14 pm. What makes a 12-year-old attack a stranger just because they are of another race? Race-based hatred placed in their head by their parents, teachers, and role models. Where is the hate coming from today? It's coming from anti-racists in the blogosphere, in politics, the media, and in academia, and it's directed entirely at Whites.

"Racism" has been used to silence and shame and disarm Whites in their own homelands. Homelands that, because Whites are now defenseless, have been thoroughly colonized by non-whites. Non-whites who detest Whites. And of course the reeeaaal reason for immigration is because Whites are just lazy and greedy and want to exploit the immigrants. In other words the immigration that's costing Whites their jobs and raising their taxes is really just another good reason to blame and hate Whites!

Whites are lectured by anti-racists that their forefathers' treatment of non-whites was wrong. Then we are told by anti-racists that we deserve similar mistreatment, today, by virtue of the fact that we had the wrong colored forefathers. Any objection is called "racist" - and is further proof of "privilege" that is taken to justify the harm being done to us. What people do not resent aliens moving into and disrupting their communities, telling them what they can say and do, telling them their race is evil, and especially so if they speak against aliens? If that's a crime then every race on the planet is guilty of it.

But anti-racists say only Whites can be "racist", which we are told every day is the most evil thing a person can be. We are told Whites are so thoroughly "racist" that many are not even aware of it! By simply socializing with other Whites or complaining about race-based mistreatment Whites simply demonstrate their guilt. The only out is to renounce Whites and join non-whites in attacking Whites who will not do so - just as the pathetic self-hating whites here are doing.
As with my sortie against the reality-based totalitarians at Pandagon, described in Anti-Racism and its Genocidal Fanatics, I posted on topic and crapped squarely on the fundaments of Resist racism's unreality-based fundamentalism. Then I watched and waited for a response. Nobody wrote but some days later my comment just disappeared. I noticed yesterday and reposted it. It's gone again.

One of the many commenters on the original post is Tim Wise:
Wise is the author of White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, and Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White. A collection of his essays, Speaking Treason Fluently: Anti-Racist Reflections From an Angry White Male, will be published in the fall of 2008. He has contributed chapters or essays to twenty books, and is one of several persons featured in White Men Challenging Racism: Thirty-Five Personal Stories, from Duke University Press. He received the 2001 British Diversity Award for best feature essay on race issues, and his writings have appeared in dozens of popular, professional and scholarly journals. Wise has also been a featured guest on hundreds of radio and television programs worldwide.
So here we have an archetypical anti-Whitist - an "anti-racist" whose income and acclaim derive from his tireless efforts to validate and channel resentment and hatred toward Whites. A race "scholar" whose peculiar scholarship is scapegoating Whites. Precisely the kind of anti-White anti-racist I was referring to in my comment.

It may be useful to know that Wise is jewish, not White. And like other prominent anti-White jews he seems to thrive on confusion and hypocrisy. For example consider what he writes at Resist racism:
Though it is certainly true that racism’s impact on whites is far less than that on people of color, there are several serious injuries to whites (call it “collateral damage” for lack of a better phrase) that come from white supremacy and privilege. The ones already mentioned are good ones, but here are some more:

1. Racism and white privilege/supremacy have served to trick working class white folks (the majority) into believing their interests were racial rather than economic/social, etc. The whole history of whiteness as a concept was created to divide and conquer class-based coalitions of Europeans and Africans in the colonies of what became the U.S. Instead of providing decent jobs, land and working conditions, the elite extended skin privilege to euros, no matter how poor, so as to get them on the “white” team. After these benefits were created (the right to own a little property, to serve on slave patrols, etc), rebellions diminished greatly. The divide and conquer worked. In the civil war, this same race privilege and identification with the elite on the part of working class and piss-poor whites led them to go off and fight to maintain rich folks’ property interests in slaves. Ironic, since the slave system actually undermined the wage base of working class whites (think about it, if I have to charge you a dollar a day to work on your plantation but you can get someone who is enslaved to do it for free, guess who gets the gig?). Then in the early days of the union movement, white labor leaders elevated whiteness above class interests by barring folks of color from their unions (supposedly to maintain the “professionalism” of the working class). This meant their unions were smaller, weaker and less militant, to the detriment of working people everywhere. So, historically, white privilege and racism against people of color has created an alternative form of property for whites (whiteness) which may pay psychological dividends, to be sure, and material ones too in a relative sense, vis a vis people of color, but which comes at the direct expense of their overall well being.

2. Racism and white privilege/supremacy generates a mindset of entitlement among those in the dominant group. This entitlement mentality can prove dangerous, whenever the expectations of a member of the group are frustrated. Principally this is because such persons develop very weak coping skills as a result of never having to overcome the obstacles that oppressed folks deal with every day and MUST conquer in order to survive. SO, as a result, it is the privileged (the beneficiaries of racism, and also, it should be pointed out, the class system) who are ill-prepared for setback: the loss of a job, stocks taking a nose-dive (who were the folks jumping out the windows in the great depression–not poor folks and folks of color, but rich whites who couldn’t handle being broke!) Likewise, if you look at the various personal pathologies that tend to be disproportionate in the white community (and upper middle class for that matter) they are interesting in that they all are about control–controlling one’s anxiety, emotional pain, or controlling and dominating others–like suicide, substance abuse, eating disorders, self-injury/mutilation, serial killing and mass murder (as opposed to just regular one-on-one homicide), sexual sadism killings, etc. Now, think about it, which group would be most likely to manifest a control pathology: the group that had never been in control, or the ones who always had been, and had long felt entitled to be, but who then had their expectations frustrated and snapped. Think Columbine (and the vast majority of the mass murder school shootings, for that matter–Va Tech was an exception to the rule on these things).

3. Not knowing how the world works is dangerous. White privilege and racism allow the dominant group to live in a bubble of unreality. Most days that’s no big deal I suppose. But every now and then reality intrudes on you and if you haven’t been expecting it, the trauma is magnified. So, when 9/11 happened, millions of whites were running around saying “why do they hate us?” because whites have never had to see our nation the way others do–we’ve been able to live in la-la land. But folks of color didn’t say this, because those without privilege HAVE to know what others think about them. Not to do so is to be in perpetual danger. So whites flipped out, and by virtue of being unprepared, pushed for a policy response (war) that folks of color were HIGHLY skeptical of from the beginning. But whites, enthralled by our sense of righteousness (itself a manifestation of privilege), pushed forward, convinced that the war in Iraq would go swimmingly. How’s that working out?

In other words, racism and privilege generate mentalities and policies that are dysfunctional, even deadly for whites as with folks of color. Folks of color are the first victims, to be sure, and the worst. But as someone else said, what goes around…

There is more I could say here, but these are a few of the key points I try to make when speaking about these issues, and in the re-write to my book White Like Me.
Wise says "white privilege" and "racism" are why non-whites hate us, and that White cluelessness about this is just one more way we demonstrate how racist and evil we are. The argument is circular, but I take Wise at his word. His hostility toward Whites comes through clearly.

Read his comment above again but now try to imagine he's casting similar aspersions on a group other than Whites. Try to imagine him for instance criticizing jewish privilege - the privilege to criticize everybody else, as harshly as you please, coupled with the magical power to deflect any criticism of yourself by calling it irrational anti-semitism - that special form of racism only a special race can suffer. You know, a real privilege, codified in various forms throughout the West.

We don't have to imagine how Wise would answer this. He already has. In PARANOID PREJUDICE: Debunking the 'Jewish Conspiracy' Wise not only dismisses concerns about wealthy, influential, and privileged jews - he thinks blaming jews is just another way "whites" express hate:
That's when my Internet penpals turn to the real source of their hatred and offer up what they consider the ultimate refutation of anything I have previously written: Namely, I am a Jew (usually a "dirty" one at that, they being quick with the adjectives), and this explains my desire, as they put it to "destroy the white race."

To this way of thinking (and I use "thinking" with caution here), Jews seek to destroy white unity via multiculturalism, immigration and affirmative action, so as to weaken the resistance of the white majority, thereby increasing our own power.

Although most Jews in America are from Europe, we do not qualify as white in this view, but rather as the ultimate social, cultural, and even genetic threat to white survival.

We are, in other words, viewed as a biological pollutant in the body politic.
"Destroy the white race" is how Noel Ignatiev describes his goal, using much the same "privilege" and "racism" rhetoric as Tim Wise. The idea of racism was derived from the idea of anti-semitism. Magnus Hirshfeld was among the first to popularize it. All three men share these ideas, and an animosity toward Whites. Whether or not they are "dirty" isn't important. That they are White-hating jews is. The White-hating part being self-evident, the jew part being not-so-evident but greatly helping to explain the former.

To the classic anti-anti-semitic way of thinking (and I use "thinking" with caution here), Whites who criticize jews who harm Whites are a special and completely irrational type of racist called an "anti-semite". In bigoted anti-anti-semitic minds there are no valid reasons to criticize jews whatsoever. But they feel free to criticize "whites" all day long. In fact, since "white" is just a social construct, and more than that, a monstrous social construct responsible for all the ills of the Western world and beyond, you can imagine all sorts of dastardly motives that make "whites" tick. You can blame today's "whites" for the evil deeds of any "white" in recorded history. Read some Ignatiev or Wise. This is what they do.

Accuse Whites of imaginary "privileges" and your opinions will appear in dozens of popular, professional and scholarly journals. You'll also be a featured guest on hundreds of radio and television programs worldwide. Accuse jews of blowing the holocaust out of proportion, or having wildly disproportionate representation and influence in finance, media, politics - or leading destructive ideologies - and well that's just crazy talk, paranoid prejudice. At least that's how privilege expert Wise sees it.
The belief that the Holocaust of European Jewry never happened, for example, which would have been considered prima facie evidence of cerebral damage just a few decades ago, is now widespread throughout parts of Europe. Likewise, beliefs that Jews control the media and U.S. economy are increasingly heard on the Internet and elsewhere.

So let us now dispense with the nonsense about Jewish power. The idea that we run everything as evidenced by our "overrepresentation" in media and finance is nothing short of insane, even based on the "evidence" for such a claim marshaled by those who believe it.
The same faculties the anti-racist Wise uses to concoct bogus reasons to blame Whites for harming everyone, including themselves, the anti-anti-semite Wise uses to concoct bogus reasons to excuse jews. There's no contradiction. These are two sides of the same coin polluting the body politic: Whites can do no right, jews can do no wrong.

- - -

How does "racism" harm Whites? It's a weapon non-whites, and especially jews, have used for decades. It's being used to justify our genocide, it will eventually cause our genocide, and then it will be used to excuse those responsible for our genocide.

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Blogger dudhduddhd said...

Everybody needs to read the comments section of the referenced article with this in mind, Americans are a comically unserious people in desperately serious times.

I laughed. I cried.

"But for the grace of God, there go I," I thought.

The highlights are talking points of the professorial class regurgitated in such perfect and transcriptatory manner one must reach the conclusion that participants in the dialog simply cribbed notes from the days recorded lectures at U.C. Berkeley's social sciences division.

Kim is so distraught about White privilege she feels that:

2. On a personal level, as a white woman, racism hurts me because I can never look in the mirror and say to myself “I earned and deserve my accomplishments.” Every victory is slightly hollow for the reason that I don’t know what percentage of my accomplishments are due to my own actions, and what percentage was simply due to white privilege.

She also agrees with Professor Ignatiev that treason to Whiteness, assault on Whites in particular, is loyalty to humanity.

4. In middle school, I was attacked by a girl who was frustrated with white people in general and was looking to vent that frustration. Imagine - in seventh grade - a 12 year old girl is already so fed up with the unfairness of a racist system that she would go after someone she barely knew. White people can’t be the victims of reverse racism (i.e. the girl who beat me up does not have the systematic power to deny me a job, etc.) but individual whites may still reap some of the consequences of what a racist system sows (see point #1).

Melissa McEwan knows that "diversity is strength!" Her bumper sticker education allows her to impart this beauty:

It induces them to shut themselves off from millions and millions of people, some of whom might make them think, some of whom might make them laugh, some of whom could be best friends, lovers, teachers, business partners… Racism drastically limits the world for the people who subscribe to it.

And I say that with not the slightest inclination to disagree that it’s nothing compared to how racism hurts people of color — because racism is primarily hurtful to the white people who make the choice to practice it.

Melissa knows that we are only hurting ourselves by not desperately clamoring to live in close proximity to a globalized, human buffet.

Keep reading, but keep the stitches and and tissues close at hand.

6/28/2008 05:24:00 PM  
Blogger flippityflopitty said...

The self-flagellating whites gloss over anti-white racism and do not acknowledge race promotion as a form of racism. It's ironic that they can spew the "evil" of racism and don't even recognize the "shame" of being white in and of itself is a form of racism.

6/30/2008 07:40:00 AM  
Blogger Flanders Fields said...

A comment left at a British site discussing EU censorship seems to add confirmation to Tan's opinion about Wise.

"Extracts from a recent article:

The Washington DC City Council kindly provides us a perfect example of how "anti-hate" laws do nothing to protect us from bias-instead they write bias into the laws of the land.

The Council passed a symbolic measure condemning hate crimes-after receiving requests from [just] ten individuals and local organizations.

The Council defines hate crimes as "acts of subtle and overt racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and ethnic bigotry."

Please note the categories. You're condemned if you have bias against a particular race (though probably not the white race), against Jewishness, against homosexual preference, or against ethnicity. It's not surprising that one of the instigators of this resolution- Peter Rosenstein-is a homosexual Jew [i.e., Khazar].

-- Harmony Grant, 12th June 2008.


The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-332, 118 Stat. 1282) was enacted on October 16, 2004. It orders the U.S. State Department to monitor global anti-semitism, reporting annually to the United States Congress.

Yes, we are all being monitored ... but for what ultimate purpose and to protect the interests of whom or what? Could it be because "they" are becoming increasingly scared of us learning something that they have successfully kept hidden for too long?"


6/30/2008 09:13:00 AM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Kevin MacDonald in a review of The Israel Lobby, by John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt, suggests a neocon disclaimer. With only slight modification it could serve just as well for jewish "White Like Me" anti-racists:

As Mearsheimer and Walt note, movements such as the Israel lobby have typically presented themselves not as furthering Jewish interests but as furthering the interests of the society as a whole. Pro-Israel activists such as Perle typically phrase their policy recommendations as aimed at benefiting the United States. He does this despite evidence that he has a strong Jewish identity and despite the fact that he has typical Jewish concerns, such as anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and the welfare of Israel. Perle poses as an American patriot despite credible charges of spying for Israel, writing reports for Israeli think tanks and op-eds for the Jerusalem Post, and maintaining close personal relation-ships with Israeli leaders.13

This was also true of all the movements I described in The Culture of Critique: The Jewish commitments and motivations of the main players were never a subject of discussion, and the movements themselves were presented as scientifically sound and morally superior to the traditional culture of the West. As a result, non-Jews are invited to see these Jewish activists as disinterested social scientists, or, in the case of the neocons, as patriotic fellow Americans—as “just like themselves.” We are invited to view these Jewish activists as part of our ingroup, with all that that entails psychologically. In my ideal world, Richard Perle’s advice to presidents and defense secretaries should be accompanied by a disclaimer:

You should be cautious in following my advice or even believing what I say about Israel. Deception and manipulation are very common tactics in ethnic conflict, so that my pose as an American patriot should be taken with a grain of salt. And even if I am entirely sincere in what I say, the fact is that I have a deep psychological and ethnic commitment to Israel and the Jewish people. Psychologists have shown that this sort of deep commitment is likely to bias my perceptions of any policy that could possibly affect Israel even though I am not aware of it.

6/30/2008 10:15:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Link to the review.

6/30/2008 10:17:00 PM  
Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Tan, The following seems to be another example which goes to the point you are making that many of these groups attempt to hide and to misrepresent their agenda by pretending to represent all of society.

The author was discussing open borders and MSM prohibiting a letter in opposition to one of the Washington Post articles:


"The list I am sure the Washington Post is going by can be found here at the Southern Poverty Law Center - which they call the “Intelligience Project” - what a joke! - which has included patriotic groups of citizens made up of sweet little white haired ladies and branded them a racist hate group. What is telling about this list is that you will notice that absent from their list is any Hispanic racist hate group such as MeCHA or The National Council of La Raza or MS 13. I went through the newest list and it seems they are trying to appear non-biased by included La Voz de Aztlan in their California list but they have a LONG way to go to be fair and balanced with this list. According to the SPLC, whites seem to have the corner on hate groups but that is totally false. There is hate between the races on ALL sides of this story SPLC - not just the white side of the street.

I don’t know what could be any more racist than calling to “kill whites” or “kill the gringo” but yet that does not seem to qualify them to be on the SPLC’s list of racist hate groups. Doesn’t that make you stop and think that maybe the SPLC is not exactly objective at all? Why do so many people take them at their word without even checking how these groups qualified to get on the list? If anyone did check, they would find that simply being patriotic or proud of one’s race is enough to get you on the list. Why also is it that being proud of the white race and supporting others in the white race is considered supremacist, but that same ruler is not applied to being proud of being black or proud of being hispanic as is the case with The National Council of La Raza or the NAACP? Double standard? Indeed!

Let me just add this. The SPLC has a category in their “hate group” list called “Anti-Immigrant”. This is totally ridiculous because… illegal aliens are NOT IMMIGRANTS. That is an insult to all legal immigrants!! Furthermore, there are plenty of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who are against illegal aliens as well so to call a group that is against illegal aliens an “anti-immigrant” group is totally bogus and false.

Legal immigrants have made this country a great country but ONLY because the LEGAL immigrants came here and made it their own country, respected our culture, our customs and our laws as well as saluted our flag. The ILLEGAL variety of invaders do none of these things - so to lump them together with IMMIGRANTS is an insult to all legal immigrants!"


7/01/2008 03:26:00 AM  
Blogger flippityflopitty said...

Wow... Now that I'm anti-immigration I guess I'm part of a recognized hate group. The irony, the irony ...

7/01/2008 01:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great post, very eloquent and a great summary of the upside down society we live in.

If you'd like a good laugh, you can e-mail Tiny Tim this post. I've heard from other people that he will cuss out racially aware whites who e-mail him. I've never done it but just seeing a picture of the puke makes it tempting.

Re: the SPLC, they play the ACLU game of "we defend neo-Nazi marchers marching through Skokie,so clearly we don't celebrate one viewpoint over another." The SPLC is sure to criticize a few token nonwhite "hate" groups just so it appears evenhanded. I recall they recently ran an article about neo-nazi gang members in the military (all 3 of them), while ignoring articles in small media around the country that discussed the rising number of gang members in the army who, surprise surprise, are not very white at all. If anyone is interested, you can learn more about what a scumbag Morris Dees of the SPLC is by googling for the article "The Church of Morris Dees." It was an excellent piece of journalism.

7/01/2008 10:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the article I had in mind. Two other things about Dees: I think he was alleged (but not convicted) to have had some sort of sexual relationship with his own underage stepdaughter, and second, the SPLC was the organization that represented that illegal Mexican who sued the rancher in Arizona a year or two ago (for false imprisonment, I think). As loathsome as his kind often is, Dees is a special kind of POS.

7/02/2008 07:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Click at the foot of the article to read the responses. A Tim Wise attack is pulled apart and his anti-White racism comprehensively exposed here.


7/02/2008 09:21:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Tim Wise, from the essay linked above, Reflections On The Psychopathology Of Racist Thinking:

What racists demonstrate, by virtue of their reactions to horrible crimes like those at Virginia Tech, or the murders of Christian and Newsom in Knoxville, is that they have no scruples whatsoever. Anything that can be used, however dishonestly from an intellectual perspective, to further stoke white racial resentment, fear and hostility, is good, from their perspective. These are people who literally need white people to die at the hands of persons of color. Without such incidents to help whip the masses into a state of racist frenzy, their shtick only grows more and more tired. David Duke wants to see white people victimized by people of color, as do the hate-addled denizens of American Renaissance. If such crimes never occurred, they would have a much harder time convincing whites of what they consider the bottom line: the need to remake the U.S. into an all-white nation. White supremacists care nothing for the victims of these crimes, or for their families. They view both only through the distorted lens of their venal propaganda needs. They should be ashamed. But of course, they won't be. It's difficult, after all, to shame those for whom the word has no meaning.

Projecting, once again, I think this essay very well reflects Wise's own psychopathology. This snippet perhaps also reveals some inside knowledge of the motivations of the ADL and SPLC. What they all have in common is their "white supremacist" boogeymen who they cynically imagine are motivated by "hate" rather than by the righteous indignation they see only in themselves.

I agree with the commenter who criticized Wise's mind-reading abilities. Rather than desiring and relishing such news I wish it didn't exist. In imagining the opposite Wise clearly reveals his own entrepreneurial race-baiter instincts. After all he literally makes a living based on his ability to further stoke anti-White racial resentment, fear and hostility. And he does so dishonestly from an intellectual perspective.

In his Resist Racism comment quoted in my original post Wise wrote this:

Likewise, if you look at the various personal pathologies that tend to be disproportionate in the white community (and upper middle class for that matter) they are interesting in that they all are about control–controlling one’s anxiety, emotional pain, or controlling and dominating others–like suicide, substance abuse, eating disorders, self-injury/mutilation, serial killing and mass murder (as opposed to just regular one-on-one homicide), sexual sadism killings, etc. Now, think about it, which group would be most likely to manifest a control pathology: the group that had never been in control, or the ones who always had been, and had long felt entitled to be, but who then had their expectations frustrated and snapped. Think Columbine (and the vast majority of the mass murder school shootings, for that matter–Va Tech was an exception to the rule on these things).

Besides illustrating Wise's Humpty-Dumpty-like ability to make "disproportionate" mean only what he says it means, and only be applicable to "whites", which we've already seen, I'd like to point out that it's easy to imagine less cynical explanations for the pathologies of the "white community". It may indeed have something to do with loss of control. For instance, when you see everywhere in your media aliens telling you how evil and pathological you are, disingenuously pretending to be Like You. And they're rewarded financially for doing so.

To recognize these pathologizers as aliens, not at all like yourself, is the height of political incorrectness. You will be called a racist, skinhead, nazi, pychopath. You will be treated like a bad person who deserves to lose his job and be shunned by society.

Seeing yourself and your family harmed, your wealth stolen, your hard work exploited, and knowing that to mention or object to certain key contributing factors will produce even harsher pain - it's enough to drive a person to drugs, escapism, or even violence. I imagine this would be true whatever your race or creed. Isn't that exactly the rationale behind blaming slavery, Jim Crow, "white privilege" and "institutional racism" for the pathologies of non-whites?

What is more obviously psychopathic is to blame the "white community" for harming itself and others while bending over backwards to excuse jews, asians, and "people of color" from any blame whatsoever. In fact, as I've already written, it's genocidal fanaticism. The more Wise I read the more confident I am with that diagnosis.

7/03/2008 12:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wise lies on multiple levels. Consider this from the Paranoid Prejudice piece you cited:

If media or financial wrongdoing is Jewish inspired, since Jews are prominent in media and finance, should the depredations of white Christian-dominated industries (like the tobacco or automobile industries) be viewed as examples of white Christian malfeasance?
After all, 400,000 people per year die because of smoking-related illnesses, and tobacco companies withheld information on the cancerous properties of their products. Is their race, religion or ethnic culture relevant to their misdeeds? If not, why is it suddenly relevant when the executives in question are Jewish?

First, it is a lie to suggest that crimes at the level of the "individual" are comparable to crimes at the level of the group. Second, as anyone familiar with Jewish history would predict, the Jewish communithy has been a significant part of the tobacco industry. Philip Morris was a Jew, and his company appears to have remained under Jewish control to date.

7/04/2008 07:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7/04/2008 07:54:00 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

An article: "Do you know any heroes around here?" at may be of interest.

7/04/2008 06:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many Whites, especially conservatives, know these things, yet are too selfish, chicken, and polite to speak openly or honestly about them. I blogged today about an article in the WND which displays their typical, self-defeating style of argumentation.

7/10/2008 01:12:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Well in fairness I'd add "wary" and "perspicacious" to the list of reasons why Whites won't speak up.

It's clear to everyone what kind of crap you'll be subjected to if you stand up and say something as simple as "I'm White and proud of it". Criticize jews and you'd best be prepared to be crucified.

7/10/2008 02:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tan, I'm not talking about bold, open criticism. Most people (99% of the people I know) won't even discuss anything at serious all about race, even in private. It's not "nice" you see. It's infuriating, it's ridiculous, seeing grown men and women behave this way. Most will not even consider talking about race or religion at all, for any reason, to anyone. A few will, but most people won't . People will whisper very softly when they say, "Black" even though they are saying something completely true and innocuous, even when there aren't Black people around. No one dares utter the holy name "Jew," of course.

It's complete lunacy and fecklessness all around. Anyone who knows about danger has at a duty to pass on what he knows to the young and ignorant. He can do it covertly, if needs be. But our parents and leaders knew and never told us what was going on, though they were told by their parents. They wanted to be "nice." We were blind-sided.

7/10/2008 02:44:00 PM  
Blogger Tanstaafl said...

Most people (99% of the people I know) won't even discuss anything at serious all about race, even in private.

. . .

Anyone who knows about danger has at a duty to pass on what he knows to the young and ignorant. He can do it covertly, if needs be. But our parents and leaders knew and never told us what was going on, though they were told by their parents.

I agree Rusty. The White mindset is bad and getting worse.

I'm happy to report however that even though a few of my friends and family have decided to shun me because of what I say there are others who accept it, or at least my right to say it, because they trust me. Some of them have even stopped shaking their head in denial when I talk and are starting to do some talking themselves.

The thing to do with a denier is point out the way their mind is influenced. Point out the racial double-standards, the anti-White regime. If there's any shred of decency and life in them they'll think about it, and the next time they meet the propaganda they'll notice it themselves.

7/10/2008 05:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good advice, thank you. Slow and steady as she goes, Mate. This is gonna be a long, uphill battle. Vale (stay strong and be well).

7/11/2008 05:52:00 AM  

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