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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Awakening to the Truth

Some people are taking a radical racist position on illegal immigration. Don't take my word for it, go see them incriminate themselves. Via LGF.
March 25, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Occupied Anahuac (Ah-nah-wahc)

Not only are they overly concerned with their own race, they hurl Nazi slurs with abandon:
Racist Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R of California 4th district) of red-neck Orange County said that he didn't care how long people had been in "this country" illegally, if they were here illegally for 5 or 50 years that they should be deported. Fine! Europeans have been here illegally since 1492, START THE DEPORTATIONS NOW! First one to go should be this Nazi Rohrabacher!

Sensenbrenner, Schwarzenegger, Rohrabacher, funny how they all have Germanic names! .....No, it's not funny at all!
No, racist slurs aren't funny. And if we're going to ignore the difference between those who came here illegally themselves and the descendents illegal immigrants then why stop at 1492? The "indigenous" people of America are the descendents of invaders who walked illegally across the Bering land bridge. Not only are they the original stealers of the land, they hunted to extinction virtually every large mammal that lived here at the time. Learn your history indeed.
One of the more negative parts of the march was when American flags were passed out to make sure the marchers were looked on as part of "America".
One of the more negative parts of the major media coverage is that they do their best to avoid revealing the extent of the poisonous extremist rhetoric amongst the demonstrators, but they don't hesitate to report charges of xenophobia and racism against anyone expressing opposition to illegal immigration, a position reporters themselves casually label "extreme right". As if anyone who isn't an anarchist must be a Nazi. We have in our midst a leftist revolutionary movement as virulent as it has ever been but you never see them or their agenda mentioned in our media. They are "activists" who "care" about their "cause". We do however hear all the time about the grave threat from the "extreme right". You know, the people too concerned about their education or their job to do the right thing and go monkeywrench society with demonstrations.

The next time you have a pleasant discussion on this subject with someone who won't call this an illegal immigration problem, who will only talk about "migrants" and "undocumented workers", tell them this: we love your workers, they can all migrate here if they like, but their babies will not automatically be US citizens, and they can't bring their dependents, and they must pay taxes, and their healthcare will not be free, and if they commit a crime they will be deported as soon as they get out of prison, and we're going to build a wall to ensure that only people with the proper documents get into our country. That will be the end of the conversation, except maybe for a few choice slurs thrown your way.

UPDATE: Leftist butcher worshippers. And Aztlan.


Blogger Tanstaafl said...

I received via email and was asked to post the following comment:

"There is a Mexican restaurant in **** that I frequent because they does a great job on huevos rancheros. The owner is a Mexican national and I'm not sure he's a US citizen. Nice guy, he comes and sits with me and caters to me and on occasion vents his views, such as that he hates Bush and the American immigration policies. I mostly ignore him because he is simply ignorant of what the issue is really about. This morning at breakfast I explained to him that I had been to Costa Rica recently and that I liked it, and he wanted to know all about it - such as where is Costa Rica and is it an island and can you drive there or do you need to use a boat to get there. I enlightened him, explaining the exact location with respect to Mexico and he listened and opined that Cuba is also nice, at which time, not wanting to get into my feelings about Castro and the Cuban situation I changed the subject.

The 500,000 marchers, I'm afraid, are mostly folks of his level of knowledge, who have been recruited to man the march by those with special interests in keeping the free flow of illegals alive."

4/03/2006 02:03:00 AM  

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