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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jewish Political Ads in Post-White America

Sarah Silverman | Let My People Vote 2012 - Get Nana A Gun - YouTube

Hey black people, old people, poor people, and students...

(Barack Obama Ad) Samuel L Jackson: Wake The F*ck Up - YouTube

Samuel L. Jackson’s profanity-laced pro-Obama ad,, 27 Sept 2012:

Jackson partnered with the Jewish Council for Research and Education, a liberal super PAC funded largely by billionaire George Soros’ 25-year-old son, Alexander, to film the humorous, four-minute spot to be featured on YouTube.

The Jewish pro-Obama super PAC also funded Sarah Silverman’s provocative YouTube video where she makes a tongue-in-cheek offer of “free lesbian sex” to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to stop him from donating to Romney’s campaign.

As White political influence wanes, so do civility and decorum. Likewise, as the political influence of jews and their allies waxes, so do vulgarity and profanity.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

My Cousin and I Against the European Stranger

'We're all Muslims, we're all Jews', Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews, 6 Sep 2012 (my emphasis):

An initiative of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, the conference participants adopted a joint declaration calling for "'zero tolerance’ against religious leaders of any faith who misuse their pulpits to incite religious bigotry.”

Conference co-sponsors include the European Jewish Congress and the Great Mosque of Paris.

The Gathering of European Jewish and Muslim Leaders attracted some of Europe’s most prominent Jewish and Muslim religious leaders who came out strongly against the recent increase in verbal and physical attacks on the two communities.

“There is no conflict between Judaism and Islam,” said Rabbi Marc Schneier, president and co-founder of The FFEU, “There is, however, a conflict between those who believe in tolerance and those who want to destroy life."

Dalil Boubaker, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, addressed the gathering’s opening event, emphasizing that “the holy Koran deeply respects all of the three Abrahamic faiths.”

The rector called on the religious leaders gathered in Paris’ famed city hall, Hotel de Ville, to “lead together to end racism and xenophobia in Europe.”

'Assault on all people of faith'

Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, added that “the recent attacks against our religious practices in Europe are an assault on all people of faith and they are indeed an attack on freedom of expression, the very basis for a free, democratic and tolerant European society.”

Rabbi Schneier then called on the participants to take the dialogue – which has been built up over the past four years through FFEU-driven initiatives of rabbis and imams – to the next level.

“We began in 2009 by hosting a delegation of European religious leaders to Washington and New York, with the hope of opening of a window of dialogue between the two communities,” recalled Rabbi Schneier.

“Through subsequent meetings in the US and Europe, a bond was forged and the leaders began to intensify their cooperation on areas of mutual concern like the governmental attacks on ritual slaughtering and circumcision in Europe.

"Today it is imperative for both sides to realize that a people who fights for their own right is only as honorable as when they fight for the rights of all people.

"The Jews of Europe stood up for their Muslim brethren when governments began to restrict the building of minarets, and American Jewry defended American Muslims from Islamaphobic incidents by stating ‘We are all Muslims.’

So much double-talk about "tolerance" and "rights" - straight out of the well-worn jewish playbook.

It's unrealistic to imagine that outlawing their cultural practices would make them all leave, but it would make a good start. Their complaints and concerns for their own narrow identity and interests serve as a graphic reminder just how much they see common cause with each other, and yet how alien, alienated and alienating, they are to us.

The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding is based in New York and appears to be staffed mostly by jews dedicated to pursing the best interests of jews.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Saban: Obama is Best for Israel

The Truth About Obama and Israel, by Haim Saban,

AS an Israeli-American who cares deeply about the survival of Israel and the future of the Jewish people, I will be voting for President Obama in November. Here’s why.

Blah, blah, Israeli-firster rationale omitted.

When I enter the voting booth, I’m going to ask myself, what do I prefer for Israel and its relationship with the United States: meaningful action or empty rhetoric? To me the answer is clear: I’ll take another four years of Mr. Obama’s steadfast support over Mr. Romney’s sweet nothings.

Haim Saban is a private equity investor, the chairman of the Spanish-language media company Univision and a founder of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution.

What's best for America and Americans? "Israeli-American" Haim Saban and the New York Times don't even pretend to care.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ocean of Whiteness

The Richmond Free Press is an independent newspaper in Richmond, Virginia. Published on a weekly basis, it is mainly targeted at the city's African-American community.

It's amazing how the anti-White narrative works, isn't it? Blacks are polling at 0 percent for the White candidate, but Whites are the ones who are supposed to feel guilty about it.

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